Protect the World
You Drive In



The A3 Sportback e-tron redefines what a car stands for — where your daily life and a big ambition thread together. Not only does it revolutionize how a hybrid-electric luxury vehicle fits into your style, it pushes responsibility into convention.

It's the first car to take a holistic approach to help address greenhouse gas emissions resulting from manufacture, distribution, and use of the car. The e-tron comes standard with a premium carbon offset package, supporting meaningful projects that help to manifest long-lasting solutions for sustainability.

Hop in, the journey is worth it.

Cutting Emissions and Incentivizing Change

At its core, the e-tron is an engineering and design masterpiece. Paired with Audi energy, the e-tron also represents groundbreaking solutions that incentivize change. Through carbon offsets, Audi invested in greenhouse gas reduction projects in the US and around the world to attempt to account for emissions that result from manufacture, distribution, and driving the car*. This kind of investment rewards innovators who develop projects that cut emissions to protect our world.

*The number of carbon offsets purchased is based on assumptions regarding emissions occurring from the manufacture, distribution and use of the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron. As such, the offsets may not fully account for actual carbon emissions of the vehicle due to variations in electricity generation, source of electricity, vehicle maintenance and condition, actual driving habits and behavior, and other variables.

Connecting Daily Life to Something Bigger

Driving an e-tron helps tie together your routine with the kind of world we all want
to see: a more protected planet filled with happy, healthy communities.

Landfill Gas Capture Conservation Forestry

Sustainability Through Collaboration

Exclusively crafted to engineer a new kind of solution.

Audi + 3Degrees

Audi designs luxury vehicles, 3Degrees finds custom answers. Together, our cooperative efforts help make driving and sustainability compatible like never before. We collaborated to uncover carbon reduction projects that can scale, push boundaries, and focus on solutions. That's what we both do, and now we're doing it together.

3Degrees is an award-winning renewable energy and carbon offset provider, with a reputation for moving the industry toward stronger standards, more transparency, and better governance. Our team is lean and agile, dedicated to tailored project portfolios designed with a purpose.

Like the e-tron, this collaboration is crafted for you.

Hop In and Drive Impact

With 3Degrees and the A3 Sportback e-tron, you can enjoy the ride, knowing your plug-in hybrid is so much more.

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