FY 2016Annual Benefit



Overview2016: a year of expansion

Our B Corp status impacts our work on a daily basis and informs decisions on where to invest time, money and effort. In 2016, our commitment to B Corp took a new turn – from being an executive and board initiative to a grassroots program led by employees.

Since 2013, 3Degrees has had an employee led committee — 3DGives — focused on philanthropy and volunteerism.

In 2016, core members of this team recommended expanding the focus of the employee-led committee to include other important topics such as sustainability, diversity & inclusion, and staff development. This expansion was approved by our executives in October of 2016 and will inform our plans for 2017.

Impact onOur clients

Our mission — connecting people with cleaner energy on a massive scale — guides our business on a daily basis. We are passionate about the issue of climate change. This is our core business and a primary way that we deliver positive social impact.


Renewable Energy

We help businesses, universities and other organizations meet their renewable energy goals by providing them with a variety of renewable energy products and services. In addition, we help utilities across the country market green power options to their residential and commercial clients. 2016 was a record breaking year for renewable energy certificate (REC) sales for 3Degrees.





Carbon offsets can be an important tool in meeting climate goals and for LEED building certification. 3Degrees has diverse portfolio of carbon offset projects from multiple countries, technology types, and verification protocols to meet our customers’ varied interest.




New services

In addition to continuing to grow demand for RECs and offsets, 3Degrees also made significant progress on new products and services designed to further expand the market for renewable energy.

Renewable energy procurement and community solar continued to make gains. In addition, we launched a suite of international renewable energy products in late 2016 and expect this market to continue to grow.



Impact onOur community

To give back to the communities we work in, 3Degrees funds grants and offers employees paid time off to volunteer for environmental non-profits. Our results in 2016:

  • 320 volunteer hours; 29% increase over 2015
  • $7500 donated; 20 organizations supported

Employee HighlightKay Mann

Community Outreach Coordinator

Project: Storm window inserts
Organization: Habitat for Humanity

Maine has some of the coldest winters and the oldest housing stock in the nation. As a result, many residents struggle to heat their homes. And, most use oil heat, which is highly polluting. Interior storm windows are a home grown technology that can reduce energy use by 40-70%.

“This simple technology helps our neighbors in need and reduces energy consumption. What’s not to like?”

Employee HighlightJason Su

Settlements Analyst

Organization: City Slicker Farms,
Oakland, CA

City Slicker Farms operates in West Oakland, recently labeled a “food desert” with limited access to fresh produce. As a high yield urban farm, they make healthy food options more accessible and provide community members an opportunity to engage in hands on learning of ecology and farming.

“I love that they make fresh produce available for urban residents with limited access.”

Impact OnOur employees

As 3Degrees continues to grow (we increased our staff by 25% in 2016), we continue to focus on a vibrant corporate culture and benefits package that encourages employees to build their careers at 3Degrees. As a result of our focus on employees, we have been recognized as a San Francisco Bay Area Best and Brightest Company for the last three years.

Health and Wellness

To promote healthy lifestyles and work/life balance, 3Degrees provides a Health & Wellness benefit to all employees that work at least 20 hours a week.

Last year, employees used this money to purchase items such as:

  • Backpacking equipment
  • Sports team membership
  • Dance lessons
  • Gym memberships
  • Kayaking trips
  • Free weights
  • Martial arts lessons
  • Acupuncture

Pets at Work

At our headquarters, employees can bring well behaved pets to work.

“I love bringing Lolo into the office because, even though I’m admittedly biased, it just brightens everyone’s day. Between Lolo and my coworkers, I can’t tell who looks forward more to what we’ve dubbed ‘puppy fridays’.”

— Brooke Malik
Portfolio Manager


3Degrees has a flexible telecommuting policy. Many employees work from home one day a week and some telecommute full time.

“I worked in the Portland office for 3 years, the San Francisco office for 1 year and started telecommuting about 8 months ago. I love my job, but my personal situation required a move to the LA area. It is great to work at a company that allows me to work from home.”

— Jonathan Owicki
Outreach Operation Manager

Assessment3Degrees is both a benefit corporation under California law and a B Corp.

As outlined above, we pursued our public benefit through our work with our clients, our activities in the community, and our benefits to our employees. Our impact assessment score for 2016 was 101.

Standard and rationale

3Degrees measures our public benefit through B Lab Impact Assessment which measures a company’s positive social impact on its stakeholders. We have been using this assessment since 2012, the year we registered with B Lab.

There is no organizational connection between 3Degrees and B Lab, although a 3Degrees shareholder (and board member) donated a significant amount of money to B Lab when it was founded.

The 3Degrees shareholders with an ownership stake of more than 5% are Daniel Kalafatas, M. Hadley Mullin, Stephen McDougal, Jan McDougal, The Alfred McDougal Trust, and American Resources and Biochemical, Inc. (Harry Halloran).

Up nextWhat’s next for 2017

2017 will be a year of foundation building for us. True To Our Core has goals focused on:

  1. Philanthropy and volunteering
  2. Sustainability
  3. Diversity and inclusion
  4. Staff development


Philanthropy and Volunteering

  • Increase donation requests
  • Increase volunteer hours
  • Expand paid volunteer opportunities to hourly employees





  • Draft sustainability road map
  • Introduce at least three new sustainability initiatives
  • Publish corporate sustainability report




and Inclusion

  • Complete an equity audit
  • Audit recruitment practices, implement best practices
  • Conduct diversity training




Staff Development

  • Team building to promote camaraderie across a dispersed workforce
  • Build out internal knowledge sharing tools
  • Offer professional development opportunities to all employees