Toolkit & Client Resources


Press Release Template

This sample press release provides starter language to help you talk about your REC and/or carbon offset purchase. (DOC)

newsletter and social share

Newsletter & Social Posts Template

These newsletter and social media templates will help you demonstrate your commitment to clean energy. (DOC)

What is a REC?

What is a REC?

Use this diagram in your newsletters to help readers understand how buying RECs supports the clean energy industry. (PDF)

White logo of Green-e against green background to demonstrate their partnership with 3Degrees

2017 Green-e Verification Report

This report highlights the results of the annual verification process audit for Green-e participants in Green-e Climate, Green-e Energy and Green-e Marketplace. (PDF)


The Do's and Don'ts of Marketing your Renewable Energy Purchase

Marketing your renewable energy purchase is tricky. Done well, it can help a company enhance their brand value. Done poorly, a company may damage their reputation and be subject to fines. Read this white paper to learn how to accurately market your renewable energy purchase. (PDF)

Carbon Claims One Pager

Carbon Offsets Claims Guidance White Paper

Now that you've made an environmental purchase, learn how to market your purchase in a way that is simple, impactful, and easy to understand. (PDF)

carbon offsets one pager

Carbon Offsets Info Sheet

More information about carbon offsets, including types of projects, project criteria, and verification standards. (PDF)

ECP One Pager

Energy and Climate Consulting Info Sheet

Energy and climate consulting services for companies at all stages of their sustainability journey.

RECs one pager

RECs Info Sheet

More information about Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), including types of RECs, and why they are purchased. (PDF)

Download 3Degrees' logo to showcase your partnership with sustainability

3Degrees Logos

As our client please feel free to use our logo to display your partnership with us. When you do, make sure to reference our brand style guide for placement. (zip file)

Spread from 3Degrees brand style guide outlining brand colors and logo guidelines

3Degrees Brand Style Guide

When using the 3Degrees logo please follow these brand guidelines. (PDF)