Month: July 2018

Why my work matters: Brooke Malik


Brooke Malik is a portfolio manager at the 3Degrees.single-wind-turbine-stars

Some of my favorite recent projects:

  • Working to develop new renewable energy products that address our clients’ desire for impact while at the same time minimizing their exposure to market risk.
  • For a renewable energy project developer piloting an innovative new technology, matched them with a corporate buyer that was interested in supporting the construction of this project that aids rural communities.
  • Uncovered new wind renewables – including small scale residential wind – for a utility customer in a state with few wind resources.



I love bringing new renewable energy projects online.

 Special skills & expertise

excellence  us-projects  forest-and-trees wind-icon
4 years of experience in buying and selling renewable energy Deep knowledge of renewable portfolio standards across the U.S. Both big picture and detail oriented: Sees the forest and the trees Superpower:
Finding unique renewable energy projects to meet client needs

Watch Brooke’s video: