There are many carbon calculators around but here are four of our favorites

3Degrees recommends using carbon calculators from EPA, Entergy, The Nature Conservancy and the WRI

1. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Household Emissions Calculator

  • The EPA’s online calculator allows you to determine your household’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Their website also provides suggestions on actions you can take to reduce your emissions.

2. Entergy’s “Make an Impact” Carbon Emissions Calculator

  • Developed in conjunction with the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (formally the Pew Center on Global Climate Change), this calculator can provide you with a quick and easy or advanced and detailed estimation of your carbon footprint.
  • And, if you want to balance out your greenhouse gas emissions after using this calculator, you can purchase carbon offsets through Entergy’s Double Your Difference program, which will match your purchase by retiring up to five tons of carbon offsets themselves – even if you are not an Entergy customer!
  • 3Degrees helped Entergy build the Double Your Difference website, and sources carbon offsets for their program from projects like these.

3. The Nature Conservancy Carbon Footprint Calculator

  • The Nature Conservancy, a conservation organization and 3Degrees partner, hosts a calculator on its website that allows you to calculate both your personal greenhouse gas emissions, as well as those of your entire household.

4. Safe Climate Carbon Footprint Calculator

  • A project of the World Resources Institute, a global environmental think tank, this calculator can be used by individuals outside of the U.S. and Canada.

This is just a partial list of carbon calculators available. Of course we can’t list them all but if you have a suggestion please let us know. And if you are a business, non-profit or government agency ready to supporting renewable energy and mitigate the impact of your unavoidable carbon emissions we want to hear from you. We have options ranging from Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to carbon offsets to direct procurement.