GreenTrees: reforestation project

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Multiple states along the Mississippi River

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GreenTrees: reforestation project

Trees and forests have been an important resource since the beginning of mankind. For centuries, trees have been used for heat, shelter and a variety of other needs. In all cases, trees were cut down to be of benefit. More recently, we have discovered that trees are also an important resource when left standing.

The Mississippi Alluvial Valley (MAV) has been called North America’s Amazon because of the fertility of its soil and the animal and plant life it supports. This is a vital ecosystem for 60% of all migrating American bird species and multiple endangered species. But development and farming have led to significant deforestation of the MAV; today only 20% of the original forest remains.

The GreenTrees project is working to turn that tide. This project works with local farmers to convert marginal croplands back into forests. To date, they have planted over 30 million trees on 120,000 acres in partnership with 500 landowners. The project uses an innovative approach where they plant fast growing cottonwoods with slower growing hardwood seedlings. The cottonwoods shade the hardwoods, accelerating their growth and thus the carbon capture and habitat development.  

In addition to the carbon offsets created from the carbon dioxide absorbed by these trees, this project creates a number of additional benefits:

+ Reduced nitrogen and phosphorus runoff 

+ Improved water quality and improved flood control

+ Additional revenue for farmers

+ Jobs created in local communities

+ Habitat creation for migratory bird populations


Carbon offsets from forestry projects are created when one metric ton of carbon dioxide is absorbed by the forest. As trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. Forestry carbon offsets are measured through a robust protocol of forest monitoring and scientific verification.


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