Lancaster County Landfill

LCSWMA Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project


Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Landfill Gas


50,000 metric tons of C02 each year


December 2005


Green-e Climate (upon request)


The Climate Action Reserve's Landfill Project Protocol (Project Name: LCSWMA Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project)


Project Profile

Lancaster County Landfill

In July 2016 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced final guidelines for managing greenhouse gas emissions from decomposing waste in landfills. Many in the waste management industry are now making plans to come into compliance. Sitting pretty is Lancaster County Landfill.

A little over a decade before, management at the landfill began a series of initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of their business. One such project is capturing dangerous greenhouse gas and turning it into an asset.   

Forward thinking at Lancaster County Landfill pays off

For every metric ton of gas not released into the atmosphere, one carbon offset becomes available for other organizations looking to mitigate their own greenhouse gas emissions. As such, the offsets create a cost-recouping revenue stream for the county-owned landfill.

The gas itself provides additional benefits too. It is burned to produce power for the nearby utility and a local dairy to power manufacturing equipment. Some is even piped as far as 13 miles away to heat businesses in the county.

Emission reduction verification and registration

The emission reductions are verified by an accredited third-party verifier using the Climate Action Reserve’s Landfill Project Protocol. The Climate Action Reserve is a Green-e Climate certified, third-party greenhouse gas (GHG) Project Certification Program.

All carbon offsets generated by the verified emission reductions are registered by the Climate Action Reserve and receive a unique serial number. This ensures that the carbon offsets are not double issued.

Green-e Climate 
3Degrees offers purchasers the option to buy Green-e Climate certified carbon offsets sourced from this project.


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