RPH Ranch Forest Project


Mendocino County, California

Project Type

Afforestation or Reforestation

Emissions Reduction

12,000 metric tons of CO2 each year

Online Date

October 2002


The Climate Action Reserve's Forest Project Protocol


Project Profile

RPH Ranch Forest Project

Fifteen miles from the Pacific Ocean outside of Comptche, California lies a rich coastal ecosystem ideal for growing redwoods. And while Mendocino county is well known for housing the tallest old-growth redwoods in existence, RPH Ranch Forest is recognized for something more.

As a verified carbon offset forestry project, RPH Ranch generates carbon offsets for every metric ton of carbon dioxide absorbed by the old-growth forests and redwoods that would have otherwise been logged. The Ranch also generates offsets for the carbon dioxide absorbed by its 3,000 newly planted redwoods. Per the conservation order, the property will never be developed and its old-growth forests will never be logged.

The impact is twofold: Project owners not only maintain high environmental conservation standards that protect the forest, wildlife, water and soils, they also generate revenue that helps them recoup their forest maintenance and equipment costs. Plus, with innovations in carbon market standards and state-mandated cap-and-trade systems, many forest owners are turning to these projects as a way to diversify revenue and support sustainable forest management.


Carbon offsets from forestry projects are created when one metric ton of carbon dioxide is absorbed by the forest. As trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. Forestry carbon offsets are measured through a robust protocol of forest monitoring and scientific verification.

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