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Energy & Climate Consulting

VPPAs and corporate buyers of renewables podcast

Fortune 500 companies are buying solar and wind power and renewable energy certificates at a record pace. But why? What’s in it for them? What options do they have? And how do arrangements like virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs) work?

Shortly before the merger of Origin Climate and 3Degrees, Erin Craig, the vice president of the 3Degrees Energy and Climate Practice sat down with Chris Nelder of The Energy Transition Show to discuss these questions and more.

This podcast covers topics such as:

  • Renewable energy options for companies (including VPPAs): Includes answers to the questions “What is a VPPA?”  and “How do RECs get accounted for?”
  • Risks associated with VPPAs
  • The value prop of VPPAs: Includes an answer to the question “What does a CFO want to know about VPPAs?”
  • Working with utilities to increase access to renewable energy
  • The future of corporate renewable energy

The Energy Transition Show is a subscription based service; this podcast is normally available for a fee. However, 3Degrees has arranged to make it available at no charge for our clients and website visitors. 

Want to learn more? Check it out.

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