Energy & Climate Consulting
Energy & Climate Consulting
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Kourtney Nelson is a director in the 3Degrees energy and climate practice.

Some of my favorite recent projects:portland oregon

  • Led BART through a complex deal selection process, negotiating two power purchase agreements (PPA) in tandem to provide client with a diversified energy portfolio in California.
  • Helped the City of Portland understand the wide range of options available to them to meet their goal of 100% renewable energy. Identified their best options for balancing cost, risk and political considerations.
  • Guiding a Fortune 150 client through a competitive solicitation project, providing quantitative and qualitative analysis with the goal of executing a virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) in 2018 in the PJM market.   



I love working on transactions with our clients because the buyers are 100% voluntary, so these are new renewable energy projects and there is real impact.

 Special skills & expertise

excellence wind-icon power-market purchase-agreement bullshi-meter
Head of 3Degrees Transaction Center of Excellence 14 years experience in wind and solar project origination Wholesale power market expertise 500 MW of power purchase agreements negotiated Superpower:
Highly attuned BS meter which makes her a great negotiator

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