Billings Regional Landfill


Yellowstone County, Montana

Project Type

Landfill Gas

Emission Reduction

58,000 Metric Tons of CO2 each year

Online Date

November 2010


Green-e Climate (upon request)


The Climate Action Reserve's Landfill Project Protocol


Project Profile

Billings Regional Landfill

Producing greenhouse gases are an unavoidable part of operating a landfill. At most, standard practice is to let the gas slowly release into the atmosphere. However, today we have the technology to collect the gas before it is released and use it to our advantage. Billings Regional Landfill is one example of this growing trend in landfill operations. 

At Billings the garbage slowly breaks down just like at every other landfill. What sets this landfill apart are the wells and underground piping system that collect the gas as it is released.  It is then refined for use in garbage collection trucks and sold to gas customers of Montana Dakota Utility Company. In addition, for every metric ton of gas not released one Carbon Offset becomes available for sale.

Carbon Offset projects like Billings require a significant financial investment and often are not required by law. Selling the Offsets recovers the system’s installation and maintenance costs, provides income to the city for use on other capital projects and helps keep skies clear and odor free.


At 3Degrees we know landfills aren’t pretty. But they are necessary. That’s why we work with projects like Billings Regional to bring Carbon Offsets into the marketplace. This is one way we build a world where it is more valuable to solve environmental problems than create them. 


The emission reductions are verified by an accredited third-party verifier using the Climate Action Reserve’s Landfill Project Protocol. The Climate Action Reserve is a Green-e Climate certified, third-party greenhouse gas (GHG) Project Certification Program.

All carbon offsets generated by the verified emission reductions are registered by the Climate Action Reserve and receive a unique serial number. This ensures that the carbon offsets are not double issued.

Green-e Climate

3Degrees offers purchasers the option to buy Green-e Climate certified carbon offsets sourced from this project.