Month: June 2024

European Market Insights Report

European Market report Report cover

The European Market Insights Report provides a comprehensive overview of the prevailing trends and developments across multiple market segments in Europe. The report dives into market dynamics, regulatory developments, and emerging technologies with a particular focus on Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Guarantees of Origin (GOs).

In each edition of this report, we will:

  • Give a comprehensive view on market trends such as power, carbon, GO & REGO’s and more
  • Provide insights in the PPA markets and price trends
  • Spotlight climate action EU regulatory updates
  • And more

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The Clean Fuel Standards Roadmap: A comprehensive guide to navigating CFS programs across North America

Dive into the dynamics of North America’s Clean Fuel Standard programs with, “The Clean Fuel Standards Roadmap.” This guide highlights the critical role of CFS programs in driving down transportation emissions while offering guidance on getting started.

What’s Inside:

  • Useful Insights: Gain an in-depth look at the structure and objectives of all active CFS programs.
  • Participation Benefits: Discover the many benefits these programs provide, from financial incentives and simplified compliance to boosting your organization’s sustainability profile.
  • Tips for Engagement: Equip yourself with strategies for engaging with CFS programs, ensuring you can leverage the full range of benefits from initial sign-up to advanced participation stages.
  • Regulatory Changes: Learn about the evolving landscape of clean fuel regulations, including regulatory updates and market shifts.

Tailored for transportation and sustainability professionals alike, this guide is perfect for those looking to deepen their impact on environmental sustainability through strategic actions and get started in an active CFS program.