Author: Ruth Moorman

Carbon Project Development (video)

Carbon Project Development Video

3Degrees’ Carbon Markets Director, Stephanie Harris, discusses why organizations should consider investing in carbon project development as a way to address their emissions footprint and meet long-term GHG reduction goals.

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Transportation Decarbonization Solutions (video)

Transportation Decarbonization Solutions

Adam Capage, VP of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs discusses available pathways, incentives, and key considerations for organizations looking to address their transportation emissions. 

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Smart Energy Decisions: Addressing Residual Emissions on the Path to Net Zero

Smart Energy Decisions Forum

As more organizations commit to net zero targets, it has become increasingly important for them to develop plans to address their residual emissions – the emissions that remain after implementing strategies to reduce all internal emissions as quickly as possible. But it’s not always straightforward to determine all the options available or what approach will make the most sense for your organization. 

At the winter 2020 Renewable Energy Sourcing Forum, Stephanie Harris, Director, Carbon Markets at 3Degrees joined Smart Energy Decisions’ Debra Chanil to discuss potential pathways for addressing residual emissions and how companies should think about getting started or continuing on this journey. Watch the video to learn more.

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Addressing Residual Emissions on the Path to Net Zero from Smart Energy Decisions on Vimeo.

Happy Holidays from 3Degrees, 2020 (video)

Happy Holidays form 3Degrees

As 2020 comes to a close, we all have a lot to reflect on. It’s been an unprecedented, challenging, and for many, a deeply painful year. It’s also been a year of breaking norms and connecting in new ways. At 3Degrees, we’re grateful for the resilience of our teams and our client partners as we’ve continued to pursue meaningful climate action together.

So, like this entire year, our 2020 year-end video looks a little different. We hope this snapshot of our year at 3Degrees brings some light—and maybe even a laugh—to your holiday season.

Cheers to a safe and happy holiday, from the team at 3Degrees.


Tackling Supply Chain Emissions and the Role that Aggregation Can Play (webinar)

Level10 + 3Degrees webinar

In a recent webinar, Rebecca Sternberg, VP, Energy and Climate Practice at 3Degrees and Jason Mortimer, VP, Sales at LevelTen Energy examined the options available to companies that are tackling their supply chain emissions, including the strategic role that renewable energy aggregation can play in a comprehensive supply chain initiative.

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Level10 + 3Degrees Webinar

Navigating the Opportunities and Pitfalls of International Renewable Energy Markets (webinar)


Scott Martin, VP, Business Partnerships, and Maya Kelty, Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs, partner with CDP on an interactive webinar with several 3Degrees clients. Scott and Maya to explore the nuances and complexities of the global renewable energy market.

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Navigating the opportunities and pitfalls of international renewable energy markets from CDP on Vimeo.