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Marketing & Outreach
Marketing & Outreach

With a mission to share, inspire and celebrate lifestyle and mountain sports, Powdr owns and operates eight mountain resorts located across the country. Understanding that the future of these outdoor spaces depends on a serious effort to stop climate change, Powdr supports a variety of carbon cutting and energy saving initiatives at their resorts.

Resorts have sacrificed revenue from selling plastic water bottles on location, commissioned a series of research on climate change and how it will impact the recreation community and created the initiative, Protect Your Playground, to fund ideas that further advance Powdr’s sustainability goals.

In 2015, Powdr partnered with 3Degrees to purchase enough wind RECs to match 100% of the electricity used at their eight resorts. With a mission to connect people to cleaner energy on a massive scale, 3Degrees enlisted their in-house marketing and creative team to design a campaign to:

  • Build the Powdr Green brand
  • Inspire resort-based marketing teams to talk more about carbon neutrality
  • Increase employee confidence on the subject
  • Give Powdr more value out of their REC and carbon offset purchase


3Degrees designs campaign logo and boilerplate

Our designers and writers conceptualized the look, feel and tone. The campaign communicates carbon neutrality as a brand ideology people should be proud of.


Campaign cover images designed by 3Degrees

We developed social media assets, visuals and copy, to communicate the resort’s investment in renewable energy to their social networks.


Powdr e-blast designed by 3Degrees

A template for e-blasts was created to promote the resort’s green initiative during peak sales seasons.


Powdr "ask me" buttons designed by 3Degrees

“Ask me” buttons not only prompted resort guests to ask about the campaign, but encouraged employees to stay up to date with Powdr’s sustainability initiative.


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