Energy & Climate Consulting
Energy & Climate Consulting

Tyler Espinoza is a manager in the 3Degrees energy and climate practice

Some of my favorite recent projects:onsite-solar-rooftop

  • For a global defense contractor, managing financial and risk analytics for a large-scale virtual power purchase agreement in the eastern US that will help it meet its sustainability goals.
  • Served as an expert external reviewer to verify the financial modeling and projected valuation of a large virtual power purchase agreement in Kansas for a major consumer products firm.
  • For a large telecom company, conducted a portfolio-based technical and financial on-site solar analysis to identify the best opportunities and most lucrative markets for investment.
  • Helping a leading high-tech firm address their scope 3 emissions by creating a tool that will allow their suppliers find the most cost effective renewable energy options available in the US and Asia.


I love the challenge of decarbonizing the largest machine on the planet–the electric power grid.

 Special skills & expertise

onsite-solar bullshi-meter knowledge focus-on-goals
7 years of onsite solar experience in the US and Asia Valuation and risk analysis for large offsite renewable energy projects Encyclopedic knowledge of renewable energy opportunities and risks Superpower: In reams of data, can quickly tease out the key decision making criteria

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