Step One in Corporate Roadmap

Take the first step to develop an action plan.

Does your company have a renewable energy or carbon reduction goal but you aren’t sure how to get started? Or do you have an organizational mandate but progress has stalled?

If these scenarios sound familiar, a needs assessment is a concrete, important first step to building a well-supported initiative. Our road-tested process and tools will provide you a step-by-step approach to getting a clear line of sight to who needs to be involved, what are the key objectives and how to rank priorities.

In addition to articulating your priorities, topics to be covered include:

+ Budget constraints and financial requirements (OpEx budget, CapEx budget, hurdle rates, etc.)

+ Highest value asset locations and technology types

+ Ease of transaction

+ Local connection

+ Employee engagement

+ Marketing/publicity

+ Environmental impact considerations

+ Risks (e.g. dollars, legal, reputation)

+ Cross-initiative synergies

Our Needs Assessment Module includes:

+ Organizational mapping exercise

+ Interviews and worksheets to define goals and priorities

+ Analysis of guiding principles which set strategic bookends for your action plan

+ 2-hour guided workshop

+ Communication tool to share with leadership


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