Press Release

3Degrees launches climate tech advisory services at COP27


New offering will streamline selection and adoption of climate software solutions to help organizations accelerate data-driven progress toward decarbonization goals

3Degrees, a firm that helps organizations around the world achieve renewable energy and decarbonization goals, today announced the launch of new climate tech advisory services, which complement the company’s existing suite of climate advisory and implementation services. The company made the announcement at COP27 during a panel discussion about data-driven technology and climate goals hosted by Sweep.

The climate tech space is booming, with new platforms emerging regularly, causing many organizations to struggle to navigate the landscape and clearly understand which solutions will best meet their needs. With the addition of climate tech advisory services, 3Degrees helps streamline companies’ adoption of technology platforms that address the inefficiencies of carbon data collection, the granularity of greenhouse gas accounting, and the risks of climate-related disclosures, allowing clients to focus on accelerating meaningful emissions reductions and meeting their climate goals.

3Degrees’ climate tech advisory services include:

  • Ecosystem of leading climate software solutions. 3Degrees is building an ecosystem of technology partners to provide clients with direct access to a broad range of leading climate management software solutions. This ecosystem is being crafted to meet the diverse needs of companies at every stage of their decarbonization journey, and 3Degrees aims to increase adoption of these climate software solutions by offering pass-through discounts.
  • Best-fit platform assessment. The climate tech marketplace is extremely crowded, and it can be complex and time consuming for companies to identify, engage, and evaluate the appropriate cohort of software solutions. 3Degrees starts by working with organizations to understand their goals, operating characteristics, and requirements, then agnostically assesses climate management software solutions, delivering a clear analysis of the climate tech platforms that would be ideal for the organization.
  • Professional services for onboarding. Once an organization selects a climate tech platform, the process of onboarding the solution can be arduous. 3Degrees will manage the set up, in alignment with an organization’s bespoke GHG accounting methodology, for select technology partners. This ensures smooth, accurate onboarding, and equips users to deploy the system to its full potential.

With the launch of 3Degrees’ climate tech advisory services, the company is uniquely positioned to support its global client base in an end-to-end decarbonization journey that merges tech-enabled climate management and data-driven insights with 3Degrees’ full suite of products and services that address all scopes of emissions.

“We strongly believe that climate tech – and, specifically, SaaS – is critical in accelerating corporate decarbonization efforts,” said Scott Martin, Vice President and Head of Global Commercial Business at 3Degrees. “With the launch of our climate tech advisory services, 3Degrees is able to support our clients from the early days of measuring and understanding their emissions data, to building a comprehensive emissions reduction plan, to implementing solutions to reduce their GHG footprint across scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. This is going to be game changing for many organizations as they progress through their decarbonization journey.”

3Degrees’ climate tech advisory services are available to organizations around the globe. Reach out to the advisory team to learn more.