Press Release

3Degrees managed carbon project receives approval of first-of-its-kind technology


3Degrees, a leading global climate solutions provider and Certified B Corporation, announced today that Verra, the global carbon standards body, has approved a first-of-its-kind methane avoidance project at Skyridge Farms. This approval came after receiving a positive validation statement from verification firm First Environment Inc.

Dan DeGroot, owner of Washington-based Skyridge Farms, has made it his mission to produce dairy as sustainably as possible. Before installing a manure management system, the facility pumped approximately 200,000 gallons of manure per day into an open lagoon, where it was stored until it was ready to be used as fertilizer in the farm’s crop fields. As the manure sat stagnant in the open lagoon, anaerobic decomposition occurred, emitting potent methane gas. Today,  not only is that methane captured, but an innovative new system also delivers myriad benefits to the farm while the newly approved carbon credit project improves the farm’s financial health.

The First Wave System for methane capture and other benefits

The approval of this 3Degrees managed project marks a significant leap forward for manure management, particularly as it becomes the first to be approved as a voluntary carbon project. Livestock Water Recycling’s (LWR) First Wave System allows Skyridge Farms to eliminate methane production from their onsite waste, providing a notable alternative to methane capture. The First Wave System is a process designed to recover methane-causing volatile solids from raw manure while producing a clear filtrate liquid for reuse in flush systems or for fertigation through center pivot systems.   

By removing solid waste from the lagooning process, LWR’s First Wave System also provides Skyridge Farms with cleaner water for crops, increased compost value, healthier soils, and larger crop yields. Additionally, the surrounding communities recognized immediate benefits such as improved air quality and reduced odors commonly associated with farmlands. 

“For us, the decision to focus on removing solids from the system was an easy one,” DeGroot said. “We now use less water, have fewer offensive odors, fewer emissions, a better crop response with the newly created nutrients, and can provide added comfort to the cows with cleaner lanes. With the revenue generated from the carbon credits to help offset expenses, it becomes much more practical to continue operation.” 

An approval milestone for Skyridge Farms and farmlands nationwide

The 3Degrees project management team first applied for project approval in 2021. After a comprehensive evaluation process by third-party verifiers and an extensive review process by Verra, the Skyridge Farms methane avoidance project was officially approved in May 2023. The approval represents a significant milestone for Skyridge Farms, as the revenue generated from carbon credits underscores that a commitment to sustainable dairy farming practices in the Yakima Valley can also provide further economic benefits.

The approval of this methodology is a monumental achievement for LWR’s technology platform and farmlands nationwide, opening the door for future alternative manure management credit project opportunities. 

“We were thrilled to be able to work with Skyridge Farms to bring this innovative technology to the voluntary credit market,” stated Nick Facciola, Director of Carbon Projects at 3Degrees. “We are excited about the opportunities this technology presents to implement decarbonization programs within the supply chains of milk production.”

“We are immensely proud of the successful verification of carbon credits for Skyridge Farms and the pivotal role that our technology and advanced analytics reporting played in this achievement,” Karen Schuett, Co-Founder and CEO of LWR, said. “This milestone demonstrates the effectiveness of our technology in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, avoiding the creation of methane, and optimizing resource utilization. We are confident that this announcement will inspire other producers to embrace on-farm manure processing, as we remain committed to empowering our customers to build more environmentally sustainable and economically viable futures for their businesses.”

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