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3Degrees and CarbiCrete partner to use environmental markets to accelerate the decarbonization of concrete

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3Degrees, a leading climate solutions provider and certified B Corporation, is proud to announce its partnership with CarbiCrete, a pioneering carbon removal technology company headquartered in Montreal, Québec. CarbiCrete’s patented technology enables the production of cement-free concrete that not only reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but also permanently removes CO2 from the atmosphere.

Concrete is the second most widely used resource in the world, and traditional concrete production is responsible for about 8% of all global GHG emissions. Cement, the glue within cement, is responsible for the vast majority of those emissions both because it is energy intensive to produce and because the chemical process for creating cement releases process carbon dioxide emissions. CarbiCrete’s innovative solution addresses this environmental challenge by using steel slag, an industrial waste byproduct that is often landfilled, and captured carbon dioxide, eliminating the need for cement. By avoiding the use of Portland cement and mineralizing carbon dioxide into concrete for permanent storage, CarbiCrete’s concrete is carbon negative.

By mineralizing biogenic carbon dioxide, CarbiCrete is permanently storing carbon dioxide that was recently removed from the atmosphere. Carbon removal technologies, like CarbiCrete’s, are limited in supply and must scale to meet net zero climate goals. The decarbonization of concrete is particularly important for companies with scope 3 reduction targets and construction in their value chains, such as data centers, with concrete representing about 80% of total embodied emissions (source), hospitality, retail, and commercial / residential real estate development. CarbiCrete’s technology provides an opportunity to significantly reduce supply chain emissions through interventions that reduce or eliminate the emissions associated with concrete.

As CarbiCrete’s exclusive partner, 3Degrees plays a pivotal role in enabling this groundbreaking carbon removal technology to access environmental markets and help meet the growing demand for carbon removal and supply chain intervention projects. 3Degrees is dedicated to supporting the deployment of this solution by identifying corporate buyers eager to decarbonize the concrete industry. 3Degrees is the sole manager of the credits from the CarbiCrete technology, overseeing the quantification and verification of the emissions reductions and managing the sale of the environmental attributes. This partnership ensures that CarbiCrete’s carbon-negative technology’s benefits are fully recognized and valued in the market.  

“We are very excited to accelerate CarbiCrete’s growth by enabling access to the carbon removal and supply chain intervention markets,” said Peter Weisberg, Director of Development for 3Degrees. 

“We are tremendously pleased to be working together with 3Degrees to leverage the environmental markets,” says Jacob Homiller, CarbiCrete’s CEO. “This partnership will allow us to accelerate the deployment of our technology, reducing historic emissions while decarbonizing the construction industry.”

Emission reductions at CarbiCrete’s manufacturing facilities will be quantified using existing third-party carbon credit methodologies, with annual verification and delivery of the reductions. 

3Degrees specializes in bespoke greenhouse gas emission reduction solutions and has deep expertise in developing carbon reduction and removal projects. To learn more about CarbiCrete’s innovative process and how you can contribute to advancing this vital carbon removal technology, please contact 3Degrees.