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Carbon Management Platform nZero Joins Forces with Global Climate Solutions Provider 3Degrees to Offer Comprehensive Net Zero Solutions

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The two industry leaders will now offer all-encompassing climate solutions through accurate emissions data to develop and execute global climate and decarbonization strategies

nZero, the 24/7 carbon management platform that tracks and operationalizes energy, financial and greenhouse gas emissions data to help organizations reach climate change goals, today announced a partnership with 3Degrees, a global renewable energy and climate consulting firm and certified B Corp. Organizations that engage with both services will benefit from this comprehensive partnership that provides accurate emissions data measured on a 24/7 basis and consulting on the best corresponding action to take, helping them to reach their critical net zero goals more efficiently. In addition to their shared customer services, nZero will also leverage the platform for its own emissions footprinting needs, signaling their belief in the important role of accurate emissions data for not only their customers, but their own internal operations, too.

As the pressure mounts for corporations to lead with transparency and accuracy in their greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting, the complementary services from nZero and 3Degrees will work in tandem to allow customers to access the best offerings in climate solutions, benefitting from the two services’ individualized approaches to emissions data and reductions. With a current customer base that includes Etsy, Expedia, and Microsoft, 3Degrees helps its clients take urgent action against climate change by advising and implementing GHG reductions strategies across all three scopes of emissions. Services include Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) transactions, long-term renewable energy procurement, carbon credit portfolio management, transportation decarbonization, and advisory services like goal setting, education, supply chain engagement, and more. Customers that opt in on the joint services will benefit from nZero’s incredibly granular 24/7 emissions data offerings, gaining the most precise and extensive understanding of their Scope 1, 2, and 3 data, as well as have access to 3Degrees’ extensive portfolio of high-quality renewable energy and carbon projects and industry-leading sustainability consulting services.

“Accurate, actionable data is the cornerstone of any credible climate strategy,” said Scott Martin, Head of Global Commercial Business at 3Degrees. “Through partnerships like this, organizations have a more seamless decarbonization journey that bridges nZero’s powerful emission profile insights with 3Degrees’ products and services—making it easier for businesses to take urgent action on climate change.” 

“Each individual organization’s journey to achieving their net zero goals requires a collective, diversified set of solutions, said Adam Kramer, CEO of nZero. “Through this pairing, customers will be able to access both comprehensive emissions data measurement in nZero and a skilled carbon brokering consulting team in 3Degrees to help them create tangible decarbonization policies and roadmaps informed by their data.”

As a certified B Corp committed to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, 3Degrees has committed to Net Zero by 2030 and plans to utilize the nZero platform to verify its own internal organization’s emissions footprint and reduction progress.

About nZero

nZero is a 24/7 climate management platform that gives companies, cities and communities the accurate emissions data they need to reach net zero and make smart decisions that benefit the health of the planet. Unlike other carbon management offerings who rely on third-party data and opaque averages, nZero gathers accurate, first-party, contextual data into a comprehensive view, making it simple for organizations to pinpoint energy opportunities within their operations, easily implement carbon reduction actions, and spend smarter along the way.