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Webinar Recording: Canada Clean Fuel Regulations (CFR) – Overview and Opportunities


Recorded December 6th, 2023

Canada’s Clean Fuel Regulations (CFR) is an incentive program designed to encourage the use of clean transportation fuels, the production of those fuels and reduce GHG emissions from the transportation sector. The program is open to private and public fleets alike and presents an opportunity to reduce a fleet’s total cost of ownership and create new revenue streams for decarbonization. The program came into effect in July of 2023 and credit generation has begun.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  1. The functionality and timeline of the CFR program
  2. The potential value and revenue to be realized from participating in the CFR
  3. The CFR registration, verification, and compliance reporting processes.

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  • Dave Meyer, Director, Transportation Markets
  • John Somers, Sr. Development Manager, Transportation Markets