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Industry Analysis: The Four P’s of Community Solar

As more customers become interested in having solar, utilities are looking to meet that demand through new community solar offerings.

The content of this white paper is focused on assisting utilities that voluntarily choose to implement community solar programs. Launching a new utility offering is similar to launching a new product. As utilities develop these new offerings, it is useful to think about how all of the elements reinforce each other and can lead to success. The classic four P’s of marketing – Product, Place, Price and Promotion are a useful framework for thinking about how to design and launch this new offering to your customers.

As we walk through each of these in turn, they allow us to identify key issues that will need to be evaluated and decided on for a successful program.

“Community solar is a small, but fast growing market, experiencing growth over 25 times since 2010.” —U.S. Solar Market Insights Report, June 2015

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