Exploring I-RECs: A renewable energy option in international markets

wind turbines in Asia

In 2015, the World Resources Institute (WRI) unveiled new guidance for Scope 2 emissions accounting within the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard. This update introduced a market-based accounting mechanism that gives companies the opportunity to reduce their Scope 2 emissions through the purchase of renewable energy certificates, PPAs, and other contractual instruments. This provision has driven a new focus on global energy purchasing, with more organizations looking for options across the globe.

Product Profile

The I-REC, an international renewable energy certificate, represents transferrable proof that one MWh of electricity was produced from renewable energy sources and added to an electrical grid. Purchasing an I-REC allows the buyer to claim consumption of one MWh of renewable energy. I-RECs can originate from wind, solar, ocean energy, biomass, hydropower, landfill gas, aerothermal, geothermal, and landfill gas projects. 3Degrees only transacts I-RECs issued in countries authorized by the International REC Standard and traded on the I-REC Registry. This standard establishes rules and regulations for a transparent system that simplifies claims and eliminates double counting issues, making products compliant with Scope 2 reporting guidelines. Valid renewable energy claims also depend on additional factors, such as whether production and consumption occur within an appropriate market boundary.

Regulatory Considerations

In some cases, the I-REC Secretariat implements country-specific restrictions on certificate issuance to ensure environmental integrity and prevent double counting. For example, issuance would be prohibited for generation that is counted toward a state-mandated renewable energy delivery quota. Every country’s regulatory environment is unique, and even though a policy may not lead to double counting, it may nonetheless change the scope of claims an I-REC purchaser can make. 3Degrees’ Regulatory Affairs team reviews each country in which I-REC issuance is authorized to comprehensively understand and communicate the integrity and impact of our clients’ I-REC purchases.

I RECs map

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