Carbon Strategy and Consulting

Why conduct a carbon strategy engagement?

A well-designed carbon credit strategy can accelerate climate change mitigation and be tailored to fit companies’ unique climate action aspirations, ecological and social impact profiles, and broader visions while minimizing financial and reputational risks.

Whether your organization is just getting started on your climate journey or is already on a sustainability path, our team of climate experts is here to help navigate through the complexities of developing a clear and concise carbon strategy. 

Our carbon market consulting experts will help your organization:

  • Understand the dynamics of the voluntary carbon market, including the latest guidance on what constitutes a high-quality credit and claim
  • Establish procurement priorities and evaluate associated risks
  • Evaluate project types and procurement structures to craft a carbon credit strategy roadmap that will meet your business and climate action needs over time

Engaging in a carbon strategy advisory project helps to:


viable options for carbon procurement and how peers are choosing to act


executives and other key stakeholders on opportunities and risks of participating in the carbon market


evaluation criteria reflecting your unique procurement priorities and needs


a strategic carbon credit roadmap to ensure priorities and needs are met and risks are minimized


your near-term and longer-term carbon strategy with your climate goals


procurement priorities to support carbon project development

Our process to shape a best-fit carbon credit strategy

We deploy a proven process that begins with education on key strategy and procurement options within the voluntary carbon market, and then progressively narrows them to determine the best-fit portfolio of solutions that map to each client’s unique goals and selection criteria.


Build your carbon strategy roadmap

Our team of carbon advisors will work hand in hand with your team to develop a comprehensive carbon strategy roadmap, which includes timing recommendations for purchases and investments, project types, geographies, commercial structures, cash flows, and much more.



Broad experience, deep expertise

We are a global team of scientists, sustainability managers, renewable energy developers, and wholesale market experts across North America and Europe. Our deep bench strength across all areas of climate consulting, renewable energy, carbon project developments, and other renewable energy services enables 3Degrees to bring a unique perspective to every client engagement.

Best-fit approach

We have clients from numerous Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, cities and municipalities, learning institutions, and beyond. Our holistic approach enables cost-effective, best-fit strategies that are tailored to each client’s specific needs. There is no “one size fits all” option at 3Degrees.

Trusted partner

The role of a sustainability partner can be a challenging one. We believe in complete transparency and will always share the good news, as well as the hard truths, with our clients. Together, we will identify strategies that are most likely to succeed in your unique context.