Fleet Electrification

Develop and execute a best-fit fleet electrification strategy

Fleet electrification is rapidly becoming a crucial aspect of climate action plans for businesses and utilities. However, it’s also a complex operational shift that requires market and technical knowledge, as well as an understanding of how transportation aligns with wider climate goals and organizational objectives.

3Degrees offers comprehensive fleet electrification services and transportation market solutions. Our team of electric vehicle (EV) consultants and climate specialists will assist you in crafting your business case, pinpointing quick wins, tailoring your fleet electrification transition plan, and smoothly accessing market incentives and renewables to reduce the overall cost of ownership and increase sustainability.

How We Help

At 3Degrees, we bring together unparalleled climate consulting and extensive knowledge of the transportation and renewable energy markets. Our in-depth understanding of transportation regulations and partnerships with top technology companies enable us to create a customized fleet electrification plan that aligns with your organization’s operational and climate objectives while delivering the greatest return on investment.


Create a comprehensive electrification foundation for your organization

  • Corporate competitive benchmarking analysis 
  • Evaluation of EV readiness within your geographic operations
  • Establish your organization’s electrification toolkit for implementation


Helping organizations understand the “EV business case”

  • Conduct fleet and infrastructure analysis by leveraging telematics data through technology partners
  • Deliver total cost of ownership (TCO) assessment 
  • Assess DC fast charger utilization
  • Deploy pilot programs to de-risk electrification
  • Facilitate EV rentals for owned fleets and employee programs through our partner Merge


Access transportation market-based incentives as well as eligible green energy to enhance program value by leveraging our team of EV consultants and Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) market experts

“3Degrees and Merge did a great job of understanding our business and providing us with actionable advice. We now have a roadmap to electrifying our fleet and know when and how to transition each vehicle.”


The 3Degrees Difference:

Combine data and insights to build your fleet electrification business case

Leverage 3Degrees’ growing eco-system of fleet electrification technology partners and our first-in-class climate consultancy to build your customized fleet electrification strategy that will maximize emission reductions and cost-savings.

Tap into our Clean Fuels Standards and renewable energy markets expertise

3Degrees offers complete transparency into Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) credit value and can maximize return by matching your EV charging with zero-carbon intensity RECs from our extensive renewable energy portfolio.

We alleviate the administrative burden required to access this revenue stream, helping to further lower the total cost of ownership.

Access valuable transportation electrification technical insights and market intelligence

3Degrees’ Market Intelligence Team helps organizations worldwide gain insight into the evolving EV and transportation regulatory landscape to help companies mitigate risk and identify emerging opportunities.



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