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Meeting Global Goals with TIGRs, LGCs, J-Credits and Other EACs

Energy buyers often need to look beyond RECs, GOs, and I-RECs to address their comprehensive electricity footprint if they have operations in countries that employ other renewable energy options. 3Degrees supplies TIGRs, large-scale generation certificates (LGCs), J-Credits, and NZECs to global 1000 companies, universities, and other organizations looking to meet their international sustainability goals. These country-specific instruments function exactly like other EACs — one certificate allows an end-use consumer to claim the use of one MWh of renewable energy in that market.


NZECS (New Zealand Energy Certificate System)
J-Credit & NFCs & I-REC
LGCs & I-REC (Large-scale Generation Certificates)
NZECS (New Zealand Energy Certificate System)
J-Credit & NFCs & I-REC
LGCs & I-REC (Large-scale Generation Certificates)

EAC Technology Options

Small hydro Onshore wind Offshore wind
Large hydro Solar Biomass
Small hydro
Onshore wind
Offshore wind
Large hydro

With so many renewable energy products available across the globe, it can be complicated to try to navigate the landscape of options. 3Degrees partners with clients to help them understand the similarities and differences across these options, and ensures that companies select the right products to meet their specific sustainability and claims goals.


Tradable Instruments for Global Renewables (TIGRs) are traded on the TIGRs Registry, a tracking and trading platform for global EACs. TIGRs are primarily used in Asia and Central America. I-RECs are typically also available in the same countries as TIGRs.


In Australia, large-scale renewable energy projects — wind or solar farms, and hydroelectric power plants — create a type of EAC called Large-Scale Generation Credits (LGCs). Similar to RECs in North America, LGCs are used to comply with Australia’s renewable energy target, which means that LGCs used in the voluntary market have an incremental impact on supporting renewable energy above and beyond compliance targets..


J-Credits are tradable renewable energy instruments used in Japan. They are an emission reduction instrument recognized for renewable energy claims by CDP and RE100 when issued from qualifying facilities.


Although New Zealand is much closer to achieving 100% renewable energy than most countries, the New Zealand Energy Certificate System (NZECS) is a recently established option that helps companies operating in this island nation go the extra mile to reach their renewable energy targets.

3Degrees helps companies evaluate options for increasing their impact, such as adding ecolabel certification to their purchase. We are proud to be a licensed supplier of EKOenergy certified EACs.


3Degrees is the recipient of the 2023 EKOenergy Oak Award for the largest seller of EKOenergy-labelled electricity in 2022 and the 2023 EKOenergy Bamboo Award for the highest growth percentage of EKOenergy sales in the past year.