Press Release

3Degrees Debuts New Solution to Help Organizations Achieve Scope 3 Emissions Targets Within Their Agricultural Supply Chains


San Francisco, May 07, 2024 — 3Degrees, a Certified B Corporation and a pioneer in global climate solutions, announced the launch of its Supply Chain Emissions Reduction Agreements product. The new solution empowers suppliers to deliver products with reduced emissions intensity, helping organizations hit their scope 3 goals. This offering focuses on direct interventions in agricultural supply chains, addressing a critical gap in the carbon reduction solutions market.

Food and apparel companies operate in complex, emissions-intensive supply chains and are constrained by limited resources and levers available to meet their Scope 3 goals. Direct supplier engagement often provides insufficient leverage, especially when emissions sources extend several tiers up the supply chain. Moreover, managing pilot projects at the farm level is resource-intensive and difficult to scale, further complicated by evolving supply chains.

Supply Chain Emission Reduction Agreements provide a simplified and de-risked approach to scope 3 emissions reductions. 3Degrees partners with upstream suppliers to source, finance, and develop emissions reduction projects that deliver lower-emission products under a pay-for-performance model that aligns with downstream purchasing requirements.  This service is part of 3Degrees’ commitment to providing scalable, impact-driven solutions supporting organizations in their climate journey.

“Our close collaboration with food and apparel brands has highlighted the pressing need for a simplified and de-risked approach to upstream emissions interventions,” stated John Bourne, Senior Director of Carbon Markets and Agriculture at 3Degrees. “Our new service is tailored to deliver a high level of customization, paving the way for broader adoption of sustainable practices.”

With fifteen years of experience and dozens of agriculture carbon projects registered, 3Degrees has established expertise in greenhouse gas quantification and full service project management from verification to reporting. Collaborating closely with hundreds of leading food and apparel brands, the company has gained extensive insights into the unique challenges and opportunities within this sector. Discover how Supply Chain Emissions Reduction Agreements can help you build a more resilient and climate smart agricultural supply chain: Click here to learn more.