Agriculture Supply
Chain Interventions

Empower your suppliers to reduce their emissions
so that you can hit your scope 3 goals.

A challenge as big as your supply chain

Companies operating in complex and emissions-intensive supply chains, such as food and apparel, are limited by the levers available and resources needed to deliver on their scope 3 emissions reduction goals.   We empower your suppliers to deliver products with reduced emissions intensity, so you can hit your scope 3 goals.

What are Supply Chain Emissions Reduction Agreements?

Supply Chain Emissions Reduction Agreements from 3Degrees offer an innovative approach to reducing an organization’s scope 3 emissions and are available to companies with North American-based agricultural supply chains. This solution helps your suppliers source, finance, and execute emissions reduction projects, so your organization can report a reduced scope 3 footprint.  Sometimes referred to as carbon insetting, Supply Chain Emissions Reduction Agreements provide a uniquely simplified and de-risked solution for project sponsors and their suppliers.  


How it works: Your Scope 3 Blueprint


We gain an understanding of your agriculture value chain to ensure 3Degrees’ ability to deliver your program goals. 


Working directly with your team or your supplier, we craft a customized intervention program plan to steer project selection. We develop a deep understanding of criteria and preferences including target supply sheds and suppliers, preferred intervention types, quantification methodologies, timeline, price, and volume requirements.


We streamline the project selection process and present different project portfolio options ranked against your criteria.  Our pipeline of over 200 million tons of agriculture emission reductions and removal projects and 40 co-development partners, including agricultural NGOs and technology providers, supports this. 


Working alongside your suppliers, we provide greenhouse gas quantification, project monitoring, reporting, verification, and full-service project management.


We deliver emissions reductions and oversee continuous project management and administration, aligning every step with your scope 3 reporting requirements.

Key Advantages of Supply Chain Emissions Reduction Agreements

Defensible achievements: Leverage our two decades of agricultural carbon market expertise and proprietary models to confidently report and defend your scope 3 achievements.

De-Risk results: Execution risk management with emission reduction performance guarantees*, even as procurement changes over time. 

Simplified participation:  Full-service project management and a pay for performance model facilitate ease of participation. 

Partners in Sustainability

Expertise by the numbers

3Degrees has a long track record of developing projects and executing carbon strategies
that deliver tangible, measurable, and lasting positive outcomes.

agriculture carbon projects completed since 2002
manure chemical solids separation and vermifiltration projects approved by Verra
million tons of agriculture emissions reduction projects in our project pipeline
co-development partners

*Performance guarantees are available based on project portfolio terms and conditions.