Energy and Climate Consulting

Climate-smart approaches that balance sustainability, cost and risk

The 3Degrees Energy and Climate Practice helps organizations around the world reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and meet climate change goals. We do this by working with our clients to implement renewable energy solutions at scale for their facilities. Our solutions are as varied as our clients, but all aim to increase the deployment of climate-smart energy projects which strike the right balance among sustainability, cost and risk.

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45 renewable energy projects

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1850 MW of renewable power transactions

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Consulting in 25+ countries

Our team is composed of former corporate sustainability managers, renewable developers, and project financiers and we bring that knowledge and expertise to every client engagement. We have been assisting customers with long-term renewable transactions since 2010. In that time, we’ve completed dozens of first-step discovery assessments at the country or facility level and followed these with on-the-ground implementation of more than two dozen new utility-scale projects as well as smaller-scale community, rooftop, and micro-hydro projects.

Partners in Sustainability

Our implementations include:

  • In Asia and Europe, we’ve supported our clients with physical power purchase agreements (PPAs), competitive supply from energy retailers and minority investment opportunities
  • Across the US, we’ve helped clients work with their utilities to create green tariffs or provide other custom renewable offerings
  • We’ve facilitated long-term physical and virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs), as well as short-term competitive supply from energy retailers in almost every US region
  • Worldwide, we’ve supported clients with wholly owned and tax equity investment arrangements
  • In the US, we’ve supported onsite projects for both solar and fuel cells, including multi-site implementations
  • Across the globe, we’ve helped create or source emission reduction projects that tie to company business strategies and help meet climate goals beyond electricity use

3Degrees’ support model flexes to our clients’ requirements. We can perform completely outsourced procurement and implementation; we can support and enable internal teams by augmenting expertise and enabling internal learning; or we can provide pinpoint services on an ad hoc basis.


We also advise on non-transactional climate matters:

  • Developing, benchmarking and reporting on greenhouse gas and renewable energy goals
  • Greenhouse gas accounting with expertise in market-based Scope 2 accounting and Scope 3 mitigation strategies
  • International energy market intelligence, facility siting and options analysis
  • Environmental claims validation
  • Sustainability training development and third-party stakeholder engagement


What makes us different:

Your goal is our goal: Our work spans all stages of the sustainability journey.  While our clients include some of the world’s largest companies, we also serve non-profit organizations, cities, and young companies just starting to think about what sustainability means to their business.  Our holistic approach brings a savvy team to your table, enabling cost-effective strategies and best-fit tactical implementations in support of all ambitions large and small.

Broad expertise: We are a team of engineers, scientists, sustainability experts, renewable energy developers, sustainability managers, wholesale energy market experts and financiers. We are alumni of Apple, ESPN, and; of private equity, public agencies, top-tier consulting firms and independent power producers. We enjoy the diversity of our work and take pride in the accomplishments of our clients.

A trusted partner: We believe it’s our job to tell you the good news and the hard truths. The sustainability role is a difficult one, whether you’re tackling energy markets or unfunded mandates. We work with our clients to identify strategies which are likely to succeed in their unique context, even if those strategies differ from the latest industry headlines.

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