High quality carbon reduction and removal projects to support your decarbonization goals

To meet the challenge of limiting global warming to 1.5°C, organizations around the world are implementing deep decarbonization initiatives and adopting ambitious emissions reduction targets that address scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. Incorporating carbon credits, also known as carbon offsets or verified emission reductions (VERs), into a larger greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction effort enables organizations to compensate for their unabated scope 1 and 3 emissions today while making progress towards long-term targets, like net zero and science-based emissions reduction goals.

3Degrees is a strategic partner for global organizations looking to build a portfolio of rigorously vetted, high-integrity carbon reduction and removal projects. We help our customers craft a comprehensive carbon strategy mapped to their unique climate targets, including opportunities for long-term procurement and new project development.

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Carbon project types

There are a variety of carbon project categories. The chart below provides more detail about avoided emissions and carbon removal projects, including their carbon storage potential.

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Our wide variety of carbon projects support your corporate climate goals with a range of co-benefits that are most meaningful to your business.


Conserving a Cold-water Lifeline for Salmon on California’s Redwood Coast

Project Type: Improved Forest Management
Location: Humboldt & Del Norte County, California
Registry: California Air Resources Board
Co-Benefits: Habitat preservation, repatriation of indigenous lands
SDGs: 6, 8, 13, 14, 15

Cook stoves reduce emissions in Indian households

Project Type: Energy Efficiency
Location: Odisha, Assam and Rajasthan, India
Registry: Gold Standard
Co-Benefits: Prevents deforestation, eliminates the need to purchase fuel, reduces harmful indoor air pollution
SDGs: 3, 7 and 13

Family-owned Farm Anaerobic Digester Project

Project Type: Agricultural Methane Capture/Combustion
Location: Perry, New York
Registry: Climate Action Reserve (CAR)
Co-Benefits: Reducing water pollution, reducing odor in local community
SDGs: 3, 6, 7, 13

Meridian SF6 reduction project

Project Type: SF6 Reduction
Location: Eaton Rapids, Michigan and Strathroy, Ontario
Registry: Verified Carbon Standard
Co-Benefits: Reducing emissions in the transportation industry 
SDGs: 9, 13


Our carbon neutral shipping initiative is a major milestone within our larger commitment to act urgently and aggressively in the fight against climate change. We are excited to partner with 3Degrees in order to support projects with a high level of environmental integrity that will evolve with our growing needs.

— Chelsea Mozen, Sustainability Lead at Etsy

The 3Degrees Difference:

  • Quality Standards: 3Degrees works with all four of the major internationally-recognized voluntary carbon offset standards, ensuring each project adheres to an approved protocol or methodology. We oversee monitoring, data collection, and verification processes for every project we manage.
  • Tailored Solutions: We help organizations build a portfolio of high-quality projects that have relevance to their business, tangible co-benefits, and clear impact that engages stakeholders and inspires peers.
  • Portfolio Management: 3Degrees takes a holistic approach to portfolio management, working with our clients to balance immediate needs with long-term program goals, while enhancing storytelling and engagement opportunities along the way.
  • Risk Mitigation: We apply a strict due diligence process when analyzing new project opportunities on behalf of our customers and work closely with the standards and reporting bodies to ensure that our clients’ portfolios align with evolving standards.
  • Frictionless Contracting: 3Degrees provides customers with an easy and efficient contracting and data management process. Our proprietary carbon credits portfolio management tool enables us to audit every purchase, manage all current and future obligations, and closely monitor performance and market price signals.

50+ new U.S. offset projects co-launched since 2004

Supported first-ever U.S. wind project validated under a carbon standard

Launched two of the first transportation-related carbon offset programs

Registered the first project to issue California Compliance Offsets

Registered first offset project in the RGGI compliance market

Carbon Project Purchasing Criteria

3Degrees works directly with customers to ensure that we prioritize their criteria at the center of our solutions. There is a wide range of important considerations for carbon credit purchases.

  + What is your allocated budget for carbon credits?
  + Is the project geography relevant to your organization?
+ Is the project benefitting a region that is marginalized or disadvantaged?
  + Is there a project type that ties to your organization’s mission or industry?
+ Is there a project type that applies to the type of emission being addressed?
  + Beyond climate, what other benefits does the project provide?
  + Is there a preference for projects where emissions can be directly measured vs. projects where reductions are modeled based on sampling?
  + Does your organization prefer “nature-based solutions” which use natural processes to mitigate emissions, or direct reductions from well-understood industrial or technological processes?
  + Does your organization seek to ensure the project proponents are consistent with your purchasing philosophy or sustainability tenets?


3Degrees develops carbon offset projects that are third-party verified and registered under one of the internationally-recognized carbon offset standards. Your organization’s purchase is guaranteed to produce real, measurable, and permanent results that make an impact.

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