Transportation Decarbonization Solutions

Driving the transition to net-zero emissions

The transportation sector has now surpassed the power sector as the largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the United States, responsible for over 29%1 of total emissions, and 24%2 globally. This trend largely is driven by the growth of e-commerce, international shipping, and other activities related to increased globalization. Any organization committed to reducing its climate impact must have a plan to address its transportation footprint. Fortunately, meaningful pathways to reduce transportation emissions are taking hold. 3Degrees helps clients understand the range of solutions and how to best leverage them to meet their unique business needs and sustainability goals.  

Partners in Sustainability

How We Help

3Degrees works with organizations to reduce their transportation emissions through custom solutions that balance impact, cost, value, and risk. We combine deep expertise in renewable energy and low carbon fuel markets with a long history of helping organizations of all types reduce GHG emissions.

Our team will work to assess your transportation emissions and customize a best-fit solution to achieve even the most ambitious GHG reduction goals.


Transportation Products and Services

Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program 

  • Technical and financial assessment of potential to capture value via low carbon fuel standards markets, including eligibility assessments and carbon intensity calculations
  • Management of LCFS pathway process from application and certification to credit issuance
  • LCFS monetization and risk management
  • Value maximization using 3Degrees’ proprietary portfolio of zero-emission renewable energy certificates or negative emission renewable natural gas

Fleet decarbonization strategy consulting

  • Electrification and lower-emission clean fuels program development
  • Distillation of relevant policies, incentives, and dynamics of the evolving ground transportation sector relevant to your company and fleet
  • Infrastructure assessment and charging and fueling solutions

Verified emission reduction projects within the transportation sector

  • Investing in carbon offset projects that eliminate GHG emissions within the auto manufacturing supply chain
  • Supporting electric vehicle charging in areas without a Low Carbon Fuel Standard

Renewable Energy and Emission Reduction Solutions for Every Transportation Challenge


truck Address a sizable transportation footprint with an entirely contracted fleet   LCFS program, investment in transportation industry carbon offset projects
carbon Take immediate action to mitigate transportation-related emissions while working on a longer-term transition towards fleet electrification and/or low carbon fuels   Investment in transportation industry carbon offset projects
EV Address uncertainty around the ROI associated with developing EV infrastructure   Customer insights, policy research, strategy development
Growth chart Accelerate the transition to low-carbon operations by leveraging the LCFS   LCFS program
target goal Develop a long-term decarbonization strategy for owned fleet   Fleet decarbonization consulting, LCFS program

Working at the Nexus of Energy and Transportation


  • 3Degrees has over 15 years of award-winning experience in global renewable energy strategy and procurement, carbon reduction services, climate consulting and environmental regulatory policy positions. We develop smart, custom solutions to reduce transportation emissions while balancing cost, value, and risk.
  • As pioneers of the renewable energy market with expertise in renewable energy procurement, 3Degrees is uniquely qualified to navigate the evolving market and expertly construct tailored solutions.
  • 3Degrees is the #1 supplier of RECs in N. America and a leading supplier of qualifying RECs to the LCFS market. 
  • We maintain a proprietary portfolio of environmental attributes from more than a dozen livestock biogas facilities and other renewable natural gas projects, several of which support the LCFS market. 
  • As LCFS markets proliferate and your organization’s transportation needs expand, 3Degrees is poised to serve your national and international needs.

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