Supplier REach

View of the Supplier REach portal that suppliers can utilize to adopt renewable energy.

Accelerating supplier renewable energy adoption

Renewable energy (RE) purchasing can be a complicated process with considerable barriers to entry: pricing may be opaque, the appropriate choices may not be clear and may vary across geographies, and financial risks may be involved. To keep decarbonization on pace to meet global net zero targets, suppliers of all sizes need to navigate this transition effectively.

Supplier REach is an innovative tool that enables large companies to activate their suppliers’ renewable energy journeys by helping suppliers overcome these challenges. Suppliers can evaluate and source high-quality renewable energy to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while demonstrating progress to their referring customer all along the way.

View of the Supplier REach portal that suppliers can utilize to adopt renewable energy.

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Benefits of Supplier REach

Allows users to easily compare the costs and benefits of renewable energy choices in the places where they use electricity.

Streamlines the renewable energy procurement process.

Provides access to clear data and reports to support the business case for making a renewable energy purchase.

Provides referring partners like you with the ability to track supplier progress toward a renewable energy purchase and other insights related to supplier electricity usage.

The 3Degrees difference

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