Carbon Project Development

Demonstrate leadership and impact with carbon project development

Supporting the development of a new carbon project offers organizations an opportunity to help finance carbon reduction and/or removal activities, while aligning project benefits to their business, value chain, or community.

As a leading North American carbon project developer, 3Degrees works closely with clients to identify projects that take into consideration each organization’s unique preferences such as location, project type, co-benefits, long-term goals, risk profile, and best-fit investment strategy.

3Degrees offers an end-to-end project development solution that helps organizations identify a pipeline of qualifying projects, conduct project due diligence, execute project contracts, and implement the new project.


3Degrees’ project development solution can be broken down into five phases.

Project Examples

Larimer County Landfill Gas Flaring Project

Project Type: Landfill gas capture
Geography: Larimer County, Colorado
Registry: Verra
Co-Benefits: Reduces GHG emissions, improves air quality, generates clean energy
SDGs: 3, 7, 13

Sacramento Delta Wetlands Restoration

Project Type: Wetlands restoration
Geography: San Joaquin Delta
Registry: American Carbon Registry
Co-Benefits: Protecting CA water supply, habitat protection, protecting vulnerable communities.
SDGs: 6, 7, 13, 14, 15

Flathead Electric Cooperative Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project

Project Type: Landfill gas capture
Geography: Kalispell, Montana
Registry: Verra
Co-Benefits: GHG reduction, reduction in indoor air pollution, job creation
SDGs: 3, 7, 8, 13

The 3Degrees Difference:

  • Proven track record: 3Degrees is an expert in North American carbon project development. To date, we have played an instrumental role in helping to develop over 50 new U.S. projects and currently manage over 25 carbon projects on a long-term basis.
  • Integrity and additionality: 3Degrees’ seasoned carbon team conducts significant due diligence when analyzing new project opportunities. We focus on projects with strong additionality, clear quantification of emission reductions or removals, and a deep understanding of all project participants.
  • Risk mitigation: Our in-house team of technical carbon experts applies deep industry and regulatory acumen to help our clients mitigate investment risk. We also directly oversee the monitoring, data collection, and verification processes for all the projects we directly manage.

Named Climate Action Reserve “Carbon Offset Project Developer of the Year”

50+ new U.S. offset projects co-launched since 2004

25+ active offset projects currently under long-term management

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