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Sweep and 3Degrees Partner to Launch Groundbreaking Carbon Measurement and Reduction Solution

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Sweep, the leading carbon management and reduction platform, has announced a partnership with 3Degrees, a leader in global climate solutions. The two certified B Corporations will team up to provide a seamless experience for organizations looking to measure and take action on their operational and value chain emissions. 

The partnership combines Sweep’s cutting-edge carbon management and reduction platform with 3Degrees’ top-tier consulting service and environmental attribute portfolio to help companies onboard the platform, conduct and analyze their GHG accounting profiles, develop bespoke emissions reduction roadmaps, and access renewable energy and decarbonization tools to immediately address global value chain emissions and achieve near-and-long-term climate targets.

Sweep’s data-driven platform makes it easy for organizations to understand, manage, and reduce their carbon footprint. Powerful collaboration features and user-focused design empower team members and supply chain stakeholders to grow a cleaner business. Through this partnership, 3Degrees will work with companies to streamline their adoption and utilization of the Sweep platform, including gathering critical data and ensuring high data quality, allowing clients to focus on accelerating meaningful emissions reductions and meeting their climate goals.

3Degrees has recently announced a climate technology advisory service that will streamline the selection and adoption of climate software solutions to help organizations accelerate data-driven progress toward decarbonization goals. The company’s team of climate consultants works closely with organizations to align on a best-fit climate technology solution, advise on data collection methodologies, support the data migration process, and educate cross-functional teams to ensure effective onboarding and tool utilization. 

Our partnership with 3Degrees showcases the power of collaboration in accelerating climate action. Armed with a software platform and consulting expertise, organizations can streamline their carbon management work and build a climate strategy that aligns with their business goals, industry demands, and their digital transformation needs. That’s how we can collectively make a real difference and drive cross-sector decarbonization,” says Rachel Delacour, CEO and Founder at Sweep.  

“Organizations, especially those with a vast portfolio of international assets or facilities, are becoming increasingly aware of a growing need to adopt a standardized climate technology solution,” said Scott Martin, Vice President and Head of Global Commercial Business at 3Degrees. “Partnerships like this one allow businesses to unlock valuable emissions data insights, build comprehensive reduction plans, and implement solutions that result in meaningful emission reductions.”

About Sweep: 

Sweep helps businesses track and act on their carbon, so they can become Forever Companies. The data-driven platform makes it easy to understand, manage, and reduce your carbon footprint. Powerful collaboration features and user-focused design empower your staff and your entire value chain to grow a cleaner business. The platform also has an integrated marketplace, letting you contribute to exciting carbon reduction and removal projects around the world. And with all your data in one place, its analytics offer deep insights into your progress and automatic reporting to your stakeholders.

Sweep is a B Corp, and a member of the World Bank’s Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition and The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA). Get your supply-chain emissions on-track, visit