Renewable Natural Gas

RNG Solutions for Gas Utilities

what is RNG?

Pressure to decarbonize our energy supply is mounting all around us – and for good reason. As this trend accelerates, many gas utilities are exploring the best way to integrate renewable natural gas (RNG) into their solution set and are considering how to offer voluntary RNG programs.

3Degrees’ Expertise

  • Manages RNG attribute transactions and verification procedures
  • Provides market research and program design
  • 12 years experience financing, developing, managing RNG projects
  • Participant in development of standards and tracking systems

what is RNG?


3Degrees has an in-depth understanding of utilities, RNG, and voluntary market participants across sectors. This unique cross-section of knowledge makes 3Degrees well-positioned to support gas utilities in designing and implementing successful RNG programs, as well as transacting in a complex, evolving RNG market.



SUMMIT UTILITIESSummit Natural Gas Maine

Summit Utilities, Inc. is committed to being a sustainable gas utility and decided to purchase one year’s worth of renewable natural gas attributes for 5% of its residential customers’ natural gas usage in Maine, in addition to launching a voluntary program for its customers there.  Summit and 3Degrees worked together with the RNG producer to implement a best-in-class verification process. Our team ran a rigorous validation process and audit to attest that the RNG gas attributes were credible and, based on that work, the utility proceeded with its renewable natural gas plan.

DTE BioGreenGas logo

In 2012, DTE was the first gas utility in the U.S. to launch a voluntary renewable natural gas program – BioGreenGas. The program met DTE’s initial enrollment participation goals and proved that there is customer demand for RNG. To ensure the program remains relevant into the next decade, DTE recently hired 3Degrees to redesign the program, beginning with fielding a conjoint survey to evaluate customer preferences.



Product & Program Design

The right program design is central to a successful voluntary RNG program. However, voluntary RNG programs have several complex factors to consider.

  • Determining the right product design and pricing
  • Assessing customer demand and forecasting subscription rates
  • Sourcing high-quality RNG or RNG attributes for the program

3Degrees partners with gas utilities to help them navigate all of these considerations and ensure the design of a successful voluntary RNG program.

Marketing and Outreach

A successful program is one with robust and growing participation. 3Degrees is the market-leading expert in selling additional-cost renewable programs to utility customers in ways that build the utility’s brand and result in high customer participation rates.

When we were looking for renewable natural gas attributes to supply to our customers, we had several concerns about costs and how to validate the environmental attributes. We partnered with 3Degrees given their years of industry experience, and worked with them on a verification process that made us confident in the purchase for us and our customers. The 3Degrees team was good to work with and was key in making our program possible.

— Angus King, Chief Development Officer, Summit Utilities