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Why do customers choose 3Degrees?  

For over 15 years, 3Degrees has been helping organizations around the world achieve renewable energy and decarbonization goals. Whether your organization is just getting started on your climate journey or has committed to long-term net zero targets, our team of sustainability experts is here to help.

Our team of climate experts have decades of experience across all areas of climate consulting, renewable energy procurement, carbon project developments, transportation decarbonization, renewable fuels, and more to support the complex needs of our clients’ businesses.

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3Degrees services & solutions

High Quality Carbon Credits

Businesses are stepping up to decarbonize their operations – but it can be difficult to address emissions they don’t directly control. 3Degrees helps you take immediate action on your scope 1 and scope 3 emissions by incorporating carbon credits into your greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction strategy, and supporting the development of new carbon reduction projects to help you achieve your near- and long-term climate goals.

Climate Consulting and Implementation

3Degrees partners with organizations at every stage of their climate journey, ranging from those just getting started to companies with well-established climate goals. Our solutions are tailored to each client and include sustainability consulting and renewable energy transactions, such as PPAs and other renewable energy services.

RECs and Other Global EACs

Whether you’re addressing the electricity use of an office building close to home, a manufacturing facility across the ocean, or anything in between, 3Degrees will craft a plan to source high-quality, global renewable energy products that balance cost, geography, and technology preferences – including Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and other global Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs).

Transportation Decarbonization Solutions

With transportation emissions now responsible for approximately 24% of GHG emissions, any organization committed to reducing its impact must have a plan to address its transportation footprint. 3Degrees helps organizations develop strategies that can leverage the Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS) market, address fleet electrification needs, and invest in carbon offset projects within the transportation sector.

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