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A best practice guide for gas utilities filing new voluntary decarbonization programs

For natural gas utilities, voluntary programs are an essential tool to meet customer demand to reduce their carbon emissions in the near term. But developing and filing voluntary program applications is new for many gas utility leaders. The experts at 3Degrees developed a free white paper to help gas utility leaders understand voluntary program filing essentials and equip them with important information to design and file successfully the first time.

This white paper, “Improving Gas Utility Success with Voluntary Customer Program Applications,” includes:

  • Essentials to ensuring a complete and comprehensive application for a new gas utility-offered voluntary decarbonization program.
  • Ways to show the utility is prepared to navigate various supply considerations, including for renewable natural gas (RNG), carbon offsets, and blended programs.
  • Insights to help effectively highlight the unique environmental benefits of RNG, including ways to strategically engage with stakeholders.
  • A complete roundup of North American gas utility voluntary decarbonization programs, including details about current programs and filed programs pending approval, as of June 2021.

Explore this white paper to get the essentials your utility company needs to design and file a new voluntary decarbonization program with confidence.