Carbon Offsets

Reduce what you can, [carbon] offset what you can’t

It is nearly impossible for even the most energy-efficient and sustainable organizations to completely avoid activities that result in emissions which negatively impact the environment. Enter carbon offsets. They provide organizations with a meaningful way to balance out their emissions and meet their sustainability goals.

When you work with 3Degrees, we’ll deliver a just-right carbon offset product that meets your needs — sourcing high-quality, third-party verified carbon offsets from carbon reduction projects that matter to you. Interested in sustainable forestry projects in California? Or a biogas project that helps small farmers in Asia? We can help. Trying to qualify for LEED points? We can help with that too. See, we’ve been in this business for a long time. In fact, 3Degrees has purchased and committed to over three million tons of carbon offsets — all in the name of building a better world.

What makes us different:

Proven leadership: Our customers want three things: options, competitive pricing, and assurance that their investment supports clean energy development. Our direct relationships with all of the major carbon traders allow us to provide exactly that. We also work to expand the market for offsets, partnering with developers to get new projects built and serving on industry committees to ensure market transparency.  We have purchased over three million tons of carbon for our clients from almost 100 projects worldwide.

Customized solutions: Each of our clients is unique with specific climate related goals and constraints. After working to determine their needs, we deliver a just right carbon offset project – balancing vintage, cost, technology, and geography. With our international portfolio, we have delivered from over 100 offset projects across six continents.

Reliability and integrity: Our clients want to know the specifics of their purchase to ensure it meets their climate mitigation goals. 3Degrees sources only high-quality, third party verified carbon offsets, thus ensuring real results from every project. Every transaction comes with full details on the specific technology, project site, and vintage of the offset.

Carbon offsets: A Simple Balancing Act

Carbon offsets enable organizations to reduce their environmental impact by supporting projects that reduce, absorb or prevent carbon and other emissions from entering the atmosphere. A carbon offset is created when one ton of greenhouse gas is captured, avoided or destroyed in order to compensate for an equivalent emission made. By purchasing carbon offsets, your organization will not only lower their carbon footprint, but you will provide carbon reduction projects with revenue that helps make them economically viable.

Common Project Technologies

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Offsets produced from wind or biomass (organic waste composting)

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Offsets created by capturing methane from farm animal manure

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Offsets yielded from capturing and destroying landfill methane



Offsets generated from carbon absorption by forests

Earn LEED Points

Interested in earning LEED points to achieve the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Power & Carbon Offset Credit? Our 3Degrees LEED-accredited experts can help. We’ve enabled hundreds of green building projects around the world to reduce the environmental impact of their energy use through REC and carbon offset purchases — all while earning LEED points.

When you work with 3Degrees, you’ll get more than you bargained for (in a good way):

  • Access to high-quality Green-e® Energy certified RECs and Green-e® Climate certified carbon offsets
  • Expert LEED-accredited professionals who walk you through the purchase process — start to finish
  • Fast LEED quotes and prompt contracting and settlement
  • Comprehensive REC and carbon offset purchase documentation for LEED submission


Carbon offset partners

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Carbon Standards

We source carbon offsets that are third-party verified using objective carbon offset standards. What does this mean? It means the carbon offset products that we sell at 3Degrees are guaranteed to produce real, measurable and permanent results that make an impact.

We’re proud to work with the following carbon offset registries:


The Climate Action


The Gold


Verified Carbon Standard

Product Certification & Quality


Carbon offsets are independently audited under programs such as Green-e® Climate, offered by the Center for Resource Solutions.

Green-e® Climate is an independent certification program for carbon offsets sold in the voluntary market. The Green-e® Climate logo identifies carbon offsets that meet the program’s high environmental and consumer protection standards. At 3Degrees, we support the Center for Resource Solutions in their mission to provide transparency, reliability and customer protection with regards to carbon offset purchases.

We offer Green-e® Climate certified carbon offsets sourced from landfill gas projects registered on the Climate Action Reserve.


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