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Renewable Energy Certificates

Renewable Energy Certificates

The currency of green power.

It started with a few small companies and residential buyers that were passionate about moving the needle. The renewable energy industry was in its infancy and renewable energy certificates (RECs) were becoming the new currency of green power. Cut to 15 years later, 3Degrees supplies RECs to some of the biggest names in the business, helping Fortune 500 companies, universities, utilities and other organizations meet their sustainability goals and reduce their electricity footprint.

The best part? We work with each client to build a REC product sourced from renewable energy projects that matter to them — balancing cost, technology and geography to deliver a product that meets their needs. In fact, we’ve purchased and committed to over 72 million megawatt hours of renewable energy for our partners over the last nine years. That’s a lot of power.

What makes us different:

Proven leadership: Regardless of whether your company is large or small, we can help you reduce your electricity based carbon footprint. Over the past 15 years, 3Degrees has focused on building a healthy market for renewable energy – working with developers to get new projects built, and playing a lead role in a number of industry associations.

Customized solutions: Our clients want renewable energy solutions that balance cost, technology, and geography. 3Degrees provides exactly that due to our large, diverse portfolio of REC options available. How big is our portfolio? We have delivered RECs from over 1400 projects across six technologies, 46 states, and five Canadian provinces. We offer a range of projects from utility scale projects to solar on the rooftops of schools to farmer-owned midwestern wind. We also offer an array of payment options, flexible delivery and invoicing as well as lightning fast contracting.

Reliability and integrity: Companies who purchase renewable energy from 3Degrees value dependability and specificity. Unlike some in the industry, we provide every client with the full detail on the RECs they purchase including technology, project site, and vintage. All our RECs sold are third-party certified and exceed Green-e requirements. And as a certified B Corp, we are committed to social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.


3D_RECsRenewable energy certificates, also known as renewable energy credits, enable businesses, organizations and individuals to reduce the environmental impact of their energy use and support renewable energy projects. A REC represents the environmental benefits (but not the electricity) associated with one megawatt-hour of renewable energy generated. From wind and solar to hydro and biogas (think cows), RECs may be generated from different resources, but one thing remains the same: They exist to create a market that enables renewable energy projects to financially compete with lower-priced fossil fuels.

When green power is delivered to the electric grid, the accompanying REC can be sold to customers separately from the power generated. When you buy a REC, you are helping increase the financial viability of renewable energy projects and allowing more clean-power producers to enter the market. Plus, purchasing RECs separately from the underlying power makes renewable energy accessible for those who can’t generate it.

It is the accessibility of RECs that make them an easy, smart and efficient way for organizations and individuals to reduce their electricity footprint, meet their sustainability goals and support the renewable energy industry. Think of them as a green investment — in your business, in your future, in our planet.



Business & Organizations

  • To reduce the environmental impact of their energy use
  • To meet company sustainability goals

Green Building Professionals

  • To qualify for LEED points
  • To mitigate the environmental impact of the electricity used in their buildings
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  • To offer their customers green power through voluntary programs
  • To meet state-mandated renewable energy goals


Interested in earning LEED points to achieve the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Power & Carbon Offset Credit? Our 3Degrees LEED-accredited experts can help. We’ve enabled hundreds of green building projects around the world to reduce the environmental impact of their energy use through REC and carbon offset purchases — all while earning LEED points.

When you work with 3Degrees, you’ll get more than you bargained for (in a good way):

  • Access to high-quality Green-e® Energy certified RECs and Green-e® Climate certified carbon offsets
  • Expert LEED-accredited professionals who walk you through the purchase process — start to finish
  • Fast LEED quotes and prompt contracting and settlement
  • Comprehensive REC and carbon offset purchase documentation for LEED submission

Renewable energy certificate partners

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"3Degrees has been a great partner to us as we work to help our clients achieve LEED certification for their buildings. They are responsive and easy to work with."

— Kena David, Sustainability Manager, BCCI Construction Company

"Northwestern has partnered with 3Degrees for the past 10 years to meet our growing commitment to renewable energy. 3Degrees expertise and guidance helped us launch, communicate, and expand our efforts towards ensuring 50% of the University's total annual electricity is matched with Renewable Energy Certificates."

— Julie Cahillane, Manager of Sustainability and Resource Management, Northwestern University

“Working with 3Degrees has been helpful for us to secure funding and be ready to move on to the next project. 3Degrees can handle the details for our REC sales so we can stay focused on what got us out here: the family farm.”

— Kevin Maas, Owner at Farm Power Northwest

Product Certification & Quality


RECs are independently audited under programs such as Green-e® Energy (offered by the Center for Resource Solutions) to ensure that only one customer claims credit for each REC and the megawatt-hour of electricity generation it represents.

Green-e® Energy is the most stringent and widely-used voluntary REC certification program in the U.S. that sets buyer protection and environmental standards for REC products. The Green-e® Energy certification protects buyers from fraud and double counting through a robust protocol of auditing and monitoring. 3Degrees supports the Center for Resource Solutions in their mission to provide transparency, reliability and customer protection with regards to REC purchases. The vast majority of RECs we sell are Green-e® Energy certified.

For more information on Green-e® Energy certification requirements, visit