Supported the launch of the first voluntary community solar programs in the U.S.

Led negotiations to create the first
utility green tariff in the U.S.

Executed the first voluntary Renewable Energy Certificate option trade in the U.S.

Facilitated the largest aggregated renewable energy transaction
to date

Initiated some of the earliest Renewable Natural Gas transactions
in the U.S.

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Above all, 3Degrees owes its endurance, growth, and success to upholding our core values. Each 3Degrees employee shares in the responsibility to know and live out these principles.

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Net Zero 2030 Logo


Net Zero 2030 Logo

3Degrees is proud to join over 500 fellow B Corps in pledging to reach Net Zero by 2030



10 years of verified inventories with The Climate Registry Climate & Registered Gold status for RY 2019


3Degrees is led by a team of seasoned industry experts with deep experience in climate action. Read more about our Board of Directors and Leadership team.