On-Site Solar Study

Is on-site solar right for you?

For many companies, on-site solar is a valuable component to a diversified portfolio in their renewable energy or carbon reduction strategy. Solar enables companies to demonstrate their leadership in a highly visible way, while also generating clean energy at prices that are competitive with retail electricity rates in many parts of the country.

Our on-site solar assessment identifies high-potential sites and eliminates unviable ones. This technical analysis allows organizations to get a jump start on developing and implementing an on-site solar strategy for their building portfolio.


The study includes:

+ A geospatial analysis to identify ideal solar array locations, estimate system size (kW), determine expected energy production (kWh), and calculate attainable energy offset (%) for a facility.

+ An investment-grade financial analysis that forecasts project value considering historical electricity usage, utility rates, future prices, and incentives.

+ A comprehensive list of reputable local and national solar installers that offer turn-key solutions for commercial-scale projects.


3Degrees On-Site Solar Feasibility Assessment Results

The goal of this analysis is to encourage quick action by assessing the opportunity, providing independent advice to prospective buyers, and connecting buyers and sellers.


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