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[Webinar Recording] Biochar: Exploring This New Carbon Removal Technology

Carbon Credits
Carbon Credits

Recorded May 2nd, 2024

A special lunch & learn where we explored the essentials of biochar, a cutting-edge carbon removal technology that is quickly gaining attention across the industry.

What you’ll learn:

  • The Science of Biochar: Understand how biochar is produced and how it functions as a carbon removal tool.
  • Environmental Benefits: Explore how biochar contributes to ecological health and helps combat climate change.
  • Broader Co-Benefits: Learn about the additional advantages of biochar, including soil enhancement and waste reduction.

This session is designed for those new to the concept of carbon removals as well as seasoned professionals looking to deepen their understanding of how biochar fits into the broader context of sustainable development.

Your Hosts:
Wyatt Catron – Project Development Manager, 3Degrees
Serene Kuramarohit – Carbon Associate, 3Degrees

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