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How to Tackle Financed Emissions Measurement

Energy & Climate Consulting
Energy & Climate Consulting

According to CDP, portfolio emissions of global financial institutions are about 700 times larger than their direct emissions. In order to make significant progress on their climate journeys, financial institutions need to understand the full scope of these financed emissions through greenhouse gas (GHG) measurement. But how do you measure the carbon impact of something like investments and lending?

In this webinar, 3Degrees’ Energy and Climate Practice Consultants Amanda Spinner and Katherine Markova, and Manager, Karlina Wu, walk the audience through how to measure financed emissions with an overview of GHG accounting and the general methodology of the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF). Sweeps’ VP of Climate Finance, Marie-Anne Vincent, also provides a demonstration of how Sweep can help measure your financed emissions, the challenges that might arise with measurement, and how Sweep can support in overcoming those hurdles.