How to utilize insetting for your agriculture-heavy supply chains (video)

GHG Reduction
GHG Reduction

In recent years, companies with agriculture-heavy supply chains have begun taking new approaches to reduce scope 3 emissions. By integrating decarbonization work into the value chains they source from, companies that inset can help expand the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices and offer other organizations linked to agriculture an opportunity to purchase the emissions reductions factor in the voluntary carbon credit market. 

John Bourne, Director of Agriculture at 3Degrees, moderated a panel at VERGE titled “Incentives for Insetting.” Some of the key takeaways were:

  • Rigorous quantification matters,
  • Not all projects are created equal,
  • Insetting is not just GHG accounting, and
  • Benefits of inset projects should go to the farmer.

Want to learn more about carbon insetting as a supply chain solution? Click below to play the video recording. 

Want to explore how this solution can reduce your scope 3 emissions?

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