Green Power Programs

Bringing green energy within reach of all customers

As awareness of renewable energy and interest in alternative options spread across the country, green power programs continue to be a low-cost way for your residential and business customers to support the renewable energy industry. At 3Degrees, we work with utilities — large and small, public and private — to design voluntary green power programs that offer customers and utilities a way to make a positive environmental impact.

Our green power program services include program design, green energy procurement, marketing, communications and outreach. When we work together on your behalf, our in-house experts will:


3Degrees' in-house marketing team branded and produced program materials for Alameda Municipal Power

Develop custom marketing materials that engage customers and convert interest into action

3Degrees' outreach team represents PSE

Attend community events and canvass door-to-door to spread awareness and acquire new participants

Working with 3Degrees, Maplewood is the fastest city in Missouri to achieve the EPA Green Power Community status

Pitch stories to your corporate communications teams to earn positive media coverage

3degrees works with landfill gas project

Work directly with energy producers and project developers to deliver a desirable renewable energy mix

3Degrees is a proud partner of Green-e Energy

Assist with annual Green-e Energy audits and certification requirements

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Best Practices

Establish best practices for your program based on applicable tariffs and riders

Green Power Program partners

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Taking your program to the next level

With more than a decade of experience under our belt, we’ve got what it takes to help you create successful programs that engage customers and drive enrollments. That’s why our partnerships last.

At 3Degrees, we approach each of our utility partners from the ground up. We dive in and understand all applicable tariffs and riders, research your customer base and learn your brand — all in the name of figuring out how we can best serve you and your customers. With each client, we adapt our proven best practices to your business. Do your customers care about small, local projects? We can procure a green power supply to match your needs. Is your city full of small, independent businesses? We know how to reach those decision makers and position your brand as part of the neighborhood. Our marketing and outreach staff is skilled at providing top-notch customer service and converting interest into action within your brand — not ours.

Plus, you’ll get results and national recognition along the way. Our utility partners are commonly:


Listed on the NREL Top Ten lists

The benefits of a high-performing program don’t stop there. Even customers who don’t join are happier with their utility provider simply for giving them a choice.

At 3Degrees, we also work with utility teams to increase customer participation in Community or “Shared” Solar, carbon offset and energy efficiency programs. Contact us for more information on these services.

“Over the last 7 years, 3Degrees has been a valuable partner to PSE. They have brought best practices in green power marketing and have been instrumental in growing the program year after year by developing campaigns that facilitate positive community and customer interactions.”

— Heather Mulligan, Market Manager at Puget Sound Energy

"The Santa Clara Green Power program is a fantastic success under our partnership with 3Degrees. We rank in NREL's Top 10 list, receive national awards from the U.S. Department of Energy and EPA, garner local and regional recognition as an environmentally-proactive utility, and most importantly our customers love it. We couldn't do it without the 3Degrees team and their expertise in reaching across all customer segments with a quality product."

— Larry Owens, Division Manager, Customer Services at Silicon Valley Power

"The 3Degrees team works directly with our department to promote the Blue Sky renewable energy program. They understand our brand and our processes and work with us to promote the Pacific Power brand through the Blue Sky program. Together we create marketing efforts that resonate with our customers and are in line with our goals for the Pacific Power brand."

— Berit Kling, Customer and Community Communications at Pacific Power

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