LEED Green Power Credit

Take the LEED with green power.

Your decision to pursue Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification demonstrates your commitment to sustainable building practices. It takes an investment in design, planning and materials to accrue LEED points, and the Green Power Credit highlights your leadership as you work to achieve your goals. Plus, your participation helps finance clean energy and greenhouse gas reduction projects that benefit our planet and offer new renewable energy options for businesses and individuals.

Benefit from either side of the carbon reduction coin.

When green power projects deliver electricity to the grid, the energy becomes indistinguishable from other forms of electricity. Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are like a receipt that enables the purchaser to own the environmental benefits associated with generating the renewable energy. Alternatively, carbon offsets are based on a measurement of greenhouse gas that is removed from the atmosphere or never goes into it to begin with. Your purchase of either enables you to meet the Green Power Credit while earning you up to six points toward your LEED goal. As a buyer, you can also leverage this environmental action for marketing purposes.

6 points icon

Up to 6 low-cost points earned at any stage of the project

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No installation or maintenance required; works for any geography and project type

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Meet environmental goals by matching some or all energy used

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Demonstrate leadership in your community and industry

Score points with LEED experts on your team.

Our LEED-accredited staff will walk you through the purchase process and offer you a choice of high-quality Green-e® Energy certified RECs and/or Green-e® Climate certified carbon offsets. You can expect prompt quotes, streamlined contracting and delivery and comprehensive documentation for LEED submission. With help from 3Degrees LEED experts, thousands of green buildings have secured LEED points and improved the environmental impact of their energy use while also supporting carbon-reducing projects. You can be next. Just request a quote to get started, putting the Green Power Credit to work towards your LEED certification.

Your Green Power Credits add up

Since 2007, 3Degrees has supported LEED projects with over 7.4 million MWh of renewable energy and 208 thousand MTCO2E of carbon offsets. The purchases and the generation they supported helped our clients have the greenhouse gas benefit of:

icon of trees and sun

The carbon sequestered in 6.8 million acres of forest for a year or…

icon of a car top down

Taking 1.2 million cars off the road for 1 year or…

icon of an oil barrel

Not using 13 million barrels of oil