VPPA Dashboard

Uncover the optimal VPPA opportunities.

Interested in considering a VPPA but not sure where to start? Our VPPA Dashboard gives you customized insights needed to help make an informed decision. This in-depth analysis provides market context, options for deal structures, environmental benefits and risk factors to consider.

The 3Degrees team will present the full VPPA Dashboard via an online workshop to ensure you know what a VPPA would mean for your energy portfolio. After analyzing your company’s electric load, we’ll provide you an overview of real, representative projects — including pricing–to illustrate the types of opportunities available based upon your operational profile.

This analysis will help you:

+ Understand how VPPAs work and can support a significant step toward achieving your renewable energy goals.

+ Provide both background information and detailed analysis that you can use to educate stakeholders in your organization about the benefits and risks of VPPAs.

+ Accelerate your planning for renewable energy procurement in 2017.

PPA Price Versus ERCOT South Forward Price Forecasts


This report has proven to be a foundational tool for many of our clients and will set you up for success.


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