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First repeat Peace REC (P-REC) transaction to expand funding for Goma solar project

The inaugural Peace Renewable Energy Credit (P-REC) purchase from 2020 is expanding with a new purchase by Microsoft of credits from solar projects in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This agreement, executed by Microsoft and project developer Nuru, with support from Energy Peace Partners (EPP), makes Microsoft the first repeat P-REC buyer and is also the largest P-REC deal transacted to date. The transaction was once again facilitated by 3Degrees, a leading global climate solutions provider that has worked on all P-REC deals to date. The team jointly announced the deal at the Sustainable Energy for All Forum taking place in Kigali, Rwanda this week.

P-RECs are international renewable energy certificates (I-RECs) that support high impact renewable energy projects in fragile, climate vulnerable countries. P-RECs are a supplementary label developed and issued by EPP, certifying the co-benefits associated with the new renewable energy generation.

Microsoft’s initial P-REC purchase funded the installation of public streetlights connected to Nuru’s 1.3MW solar minigrid in the Ndosho neighborhood of Goma. This second purchase expands the project in Ndosho by supporting first-time electricity connections for households, businesses, and social institutions, and deploying additional streetlights that improve nighttime security in the community and allow local businesses and markets to operate during evening hours. The purchase also contributes directly to the financing of Nuru’s new 3.7 MW solar metro-grid anticipated to serve nearly 20,000 direct beneficiaries in Goma. Together, the projects will constitute one of the largest off-grid mini-grids operating in Sub-Saharan Africa, eventually benefitting 125,000 people and raising the average electricity rate from 3% to around 20%.

“By expanding the impact of this project, Microsoft is helping to enable meaningful access to electricity for a large portion of the area’s residents,” said Elizabeth Willmott, Carbon Program Director, Microsoft.

“This transaction contributes meaningfully to delivering on Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG 7) to end energy poverty and ensure a clean energy transition that leaves no one behind. We are excited to see the P-REC market contribute to increasing renewable energy access in the DRC and unleashing the full potential of Congolese communities,” said Dave Mozersky, President of Energy Peace Partners. “We are grateful for the leadership demonstrated by Microsoft, 3Degrees and Nuru in helping to extend the renewable energy revolution to communities where it has outsize impact.”

We are thrilled to close this new P-REC deal with Microsoft, 3Degrees, and Energy Peace Partners. Through our collaboration, we will deploy and operate new renewable energy infrastructure and public streetlights, improving thousands of lives in Goma, DRC,” Jonathan E. Shaw, Co-Founder and CEO, Nuru. “Together our work will continue to inspire and amplify the incredible human capacity in Congo by providing thousands of delighted people with the first-time and world-class energy services that they deserve. These projects will also enable us to decarbonize and green existing energy sources, building climate-resilient and sustainable communities in DRC. Working together with companies like Microsoft, 3Degrees, and Energy Peace Partners is critical for achieving collective impact in DRC. We are excited to renew our relationship through this P-REC purchase and to achieve big results in DRC’s communities together.” 

“We are thrilled to continue to support Microsoft as they further their commitment to Peace RECs with this meaningful second investment in the Goma solar project,” said Steve McDougal, CEO, 3Degrees. “It’s incredibly rewarding to work on renewable energy procurements like this that will ultimately make such a positive, direct difference in the lives of people in that community. We appreciate the partnership with EPP and Nuru and the opportunity to collaborate with them, once again, to help make this largest-ever P-REC transaction a reality.”

About Energy Peace Partners

Energy Peace Partners leverages climate finance solutions to support peace in places affected by violent conflict. We believe that a paradigm shift toward climate-sensitive development can deliver enduring benefits to the planet’s most vulnerable populations. The Energy Peace Partners team brings together expertise in international peacebuilding, renewable energy, and climate security. Our efforts create an enabling environment for introducing renewable energy that can serve as the building blocks for peace.

About Nuru

Nuru is a company dedicated to enhancing connectivity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Nuru deployed DRC’s first solar-based mini-grid in 2017 and  a 1.3 MW commercial solar-plus-storage hybrid site in Goma, North Kivu in 2020. Building on this success, Nuru plans to install an additional 14 MW in renewable energy infrastructure in DRC in 2023. Nuru, meaning “light” in Swahili, encapsulates our vision to inspire and catalyze the incredible human potential in Congo by providing 5 million delighted clients with world-class connectivity by September 24, 2024.

3Degrees expands global climate teams to meet increased customer demand


Global climate solutions provider 3Degrees is expanding its footprint to better serve increased demand from organizations responding to the need to take urgent action on climate change around the world. The company is increasing capacity in Europe, a focal point for leading-edge climate work, by adding new local leadership, increasing staffing, and opening a new office in London.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif. and operating as a market leader for nearly 20 years, 3Degrees has further expanded its United Kingdom and European climate consulting practice to serve a growing customer base. As organizations seek additional advisory services to develop and execute global climate and decarbonization strategies, 3Degrees is strengthening its teams across Europe to scale its delivery of full-spectrum solutions to meet these critical needs. The company’s new London office joins its existing office in Oslo.

“This expansion is in direct response to rising demand from companies that are accelerating their global decarbonization efforts and setting more aggressive climate targets, such as net zero,” said Steve McDougal, CEO. “This investment in our teams and expanded physical presence in Europe and the U.K. will further solidify 3Degrees’ ability to deliver a full suite of tailored climate solutions to companies with headquarters, operations, and supply chains in Europe and beyond, helping them take immediate action to address their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.”

New leadership and expanded Europe teams for 3Degrees’ Energy and Climate Practice

3Degrees is pleased to welcome Maureen Bray as Senior Director for its climate consulting group, the Energy and Climate Practice, where she will headMaureen Bray up the Climate Strategy team in EMEA. In this role, Maureen leads a group of seasoned advisors who help organizations set and meet their global climate goals, including net zero, carbon neutrality, and science-based targets. Maureen brings more than a decade of sustainability management and consultancy leadership to 3Degrees, most recently serving as International Consultancy Director at Schneider Electric.

“I’m thrilled for this opportunity to support the advancement of 3Degrees’ climate consultancy services in EMEA to help our customers set and implement meaningful decarbonization plans,” Maureen said. “The company’s ambition to further expand capabilities in new geographies is exciting and in line with the growth that we’re seeing in the European market, where change is happening at a great pace.”

In addition, longtime 3Degrees’ veteran and Senior Director Tyler Espinoza is relocating to Europe where he will continue to lead the Power MarketsTyler Espinoza side of the consulting practice across all geographies while building out the team in Europe. Tyler will oversee the company’s expanded global capabilities to offer a full range of tailored renewable energy solutions, including the sourcing of corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), renewables in supply chains, and 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy.

With the quickly evolving energy landscape in Europe, Tyler’s presence locally will help 3Degrees deliver expanded advisory support to its customers as they navigate opportunities to maximize the impact of their renewable energy purchases in a way that makes good business sense.

“3Degrees is uniquely positioned to offer our clients a full suite of climate and renewable energy solutions, including PPA implementation and support for their international Energy Attributes Certificate and carbon credit needs,” Tyler said. “Not many organizations can do that and I’m excited to deliver these solutions to our European clients.”

Carbon Management Platform nZero Joins Forces with Global Climate Solutions Provider 3Degrees to Offer Comprehensive Net Zero Solutions

The two industry leaders will now offer all-encompassing climate solutions through accurate emissions data to develop and execute global climate and decarbonization strategies

nZero, the 24/7 carbon management platform that tracks and operationalizes energy, financial and greenhouse gas emissions data to help organizations reach climate change goals, today announced a partnership with 3Degrees, a global renewable energy and climate consulting firm and certified B Corp. Organizations that engage with both services will benefit from this comprehensive partnership that provides accurate emissions data measured on a 24/7 basis and consulting on the best corresponding action to take, helping them to reach their critical net zero goals more efficiently. In addition to their shared customer services, nZero will also leverage the platform for its own emissions footprinting needs, signaling their belief in the important role of accurate emissions data for not only their customers, but their own internal operations, too.

As the pressure mounts for corporations to lead with transparency and accuracy in their greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting, the complementary services from nZero and 3Degrees will work in tandem to allow customers to access the best offerings in climate solutions, benefitting from the two services’ individualized approaches to emissions data and reductions. With a current customer base that includes Etsy, Expedia, and Microsoft, 3Degrees helps its clients take urgent action against climate change by advising and implementing GHG reductions strategies across all three scopes of emissions. Services include Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) transactions, long-term renewable energy procurement, carbon credit portfolio management, transportation decarbonization, and advisory services like goal setting, education, supply chain engagement, and more. Customers that opt in on the joint services will benefit from nZero’s incredibly granular 24/7 emissions data offerings, gaining the most precise and extensive understanding of their Scope 1, 2, and 3 data, as well as have access to 3Degrees’ extensive portfolio of high-quality renewable energy and carbon projects and industry-leading sustainability consulting services.

“Accurate, actionable data is the cornerstone of any credible climate strategy,” said Scott Martin, Head of Global Commercial Business at 3Degrees. “Through partnerships like this, organizations have a more seamless decarbonization journey that bridges nZero’s powerful emission profile insights with 3Degrees’ products and services—making it easier for businesses to take urgent action on climate change.” 

“Each individual organization’s journey to achieving their net zero goals requires a collective, diversified set of solutions, said Adam Kramer, CEO of nZero. “Through this pairing, customers will be able to access both comprehensive emissions data measurement in nZero and a skilled carbon brokering consulting team in 3Degrees to help them create tangible decarbonization policies and roadmaps informed by their data.”

As a certified B Corp committed to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, 3Degrees has committed to Net Zero by 2030 and plans to utilize the nZero platform to verify its own internal organization’s emissions footprint and reduction progress.

About nZero

nZero is a 24/7 climate management platform that gives companies, cities and communities the accurate emissions data they need to reach net zero and make smart decisions that benefit the health of the planet. Unlike other carbon management offerings who rely on third-party data and opaque averages, nZero gathers accurate, first-party, contextual data into a comprehensive view, making it simple for organizations to pinpoint energy opportunities within their operations, easily implement carbon reduction actions, and spend smarter along the way.

3Degrees’ creative project financing and transportation market expertise enable the repower of Edaleen digester project

Edaleen Dairy, Lynden Washington

3Degrees, a firm that helps organizations achieve renewable energy and decarbonization goals, announced today the recent completion of a critical investment to repower a manure digester project at Edaleen Dairy, family-operated farm in Lynden, Washington. 3Degrees worked with Regenis, a dairy digester operator committed to both planetary protection and family farmer livelihood, and Edaleen Dairy to co-finance a new engine and generator to keep the digester power project online and avoiding potent methane emissions.

Anaerobic digesters turn livestock waste into renewable power while avoiding potent methane emissions—meaning they are one of the most essential immediate actions for mitigating climate change. Despite their environmental benefits, many digesters nationwide risk being shut down due to high operating costs. In the Northwest, many aging dairy digester projects cannot afford to continue operation at current electricity prices.

Edaleen partnered with 3Degrees to sell its digester electricity into transportation markets to power electric vehicles. Clean fuel standards, like Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program, offer digester projects a new incentive to cover operating costs and continue abating emissions. Given 3Degrees’ expertise in this emerging market, the company pre-purchased credits that will be generated under the clean fuels standards to share the costs of installing a new generator and engine at the dairy.

“Edaleen Dairy has an unshakeable commitment to sustainability, which is why they are an industry leader”, says Bryan Van Loo, Vice President at Regenis. “We are thankful to have such a strong working relationship with Edaleen having constructed their digester in 2012 while operating and maintaining the system from commissioning to today. Now at their ten-year anniversary, the digester has supplied enough clean, emission-free electricity to power 380 local homes, while also improving upon climate, air, and water quality. Regenis is equally pleased to be working with 3Degrees as they and Edaleen Dairy transition towards specific use of the renewable electricity for charging of EV vehicles in Oregon through the Oregon Clean Fuels Program.”

“Our dairy has always been centered on the health of our customers, our community, and our planet because we are a family-run operation who lives in the community we serve,” says Mitch Moorlag, General Manager at Edaleen Dairy Cow Power, LLC. “We take seriously the natural wonders that have been bestowed upon us as do our customers, and we want to pass that inheritance down to future generations. Providing clean energy for electric vehicle charging stations by capturing methane and turning into biogas in our anaerobic digester is a logical progression of that commitment to be good stewards.” 

“Dairy farmers often paid very little for the power they generate from their operationally-complex digester projects,” said Peter Weisberg, Director of Product Development at 3Degrees. “This investment is a great example of how through tailored financing solutions and new environmental markets, we can work with partners to keep these critical emission mitigation projects operational”

About Regenis:

Regenis symbolizes the rebirth of our planet’s reusable organic resources and a commitment to the ethic to leave our land better for the next generation. On a planet with over seven billion people, our mission is to re-imagine reusable resources to create a valuable supply chain of products for farms, food processors and municipalities through the process of anaerobic digestion. Our digesters capture methane (a potent greenhouse gas) from decomposing organic waste and convert it into clean electricity that can be used to power farms and factories, sold to the local utility at a profit or turned into renewable natural gas for trucks and car fleets. Our virtuous cycle leaves nothing to waste, creating a cycle of value for our clients while putting them on the cutting edge of sustainability. Regenis constructed Edaleen Dairy’s digester facility, is contracted to do ongoing O&M services, and is a long term friend and partner to Edaleen Dairy as well as 3Degrees. To learn more about Regenis, please visit their website.  

About Edaleen Dairy:

In 1975, Ed and Aileen Bransma combined their names to create Edaleen Dairy, but what started as a small family company has expanded to six locations. Through the years, Edaleen has been ahead of the curve by combining experience, innovative ideas, and technology. The dairy has a long history of involvement in the surrounding Whatcom County community, and have put their environmental stewardship into action by installing climate-forward technologies, such as anaerobic digesters.

Johnson Controls Collaborates with 3Degrees to Accelerate the Race to Net Zero

  • Johnson Controls expands Renewable Services business through a partnership with leading renewable energy and decarbonization solutions provider 3Degrees
  • Collaboration fast-tracks net zero goals through carbon reduction services
  • Service further expands the comprehensive OpenBlue Net Zero Buildings as a Service offering

Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI) announces its collaboration with 3Degrees, a firm that helps organizations around the world achieve renewable energy and decarbonization goals. The new collaboration aims to accelerate building owners’ and operators’ progress toward net zero by leveraging 3Degrees’ large-scale environmental commodity solutions, including Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) transactions, long-term renewable energy procurement, carbon credit portfolio management, transportation decarbonization and climate advisory services.

“The need for global net zero solutions has never been greater, and global organizations are turning to Johnson Controls to help them achieve their goals,” said Dan Svejnar, vice president, Renewable Services, Sustainable Infrastructure, Johnson Controls. “This collaboration with 3Degrees provides customers with market-sourced renewable energy supply services, which, together with energy efficiency, is one of the most effective paths for customers to address operational carbon emissions and achieve net zero.”

The energy supply services can be delivered as part of the comprehensive Johnson Controls OpenBlue Net Zero Buildings offering or as a stand-alone service. OpenBlue Net Zero Buildings designs, digitizes, and deploys net zero solutions at any stage. The steps range from goal setting and facility-wide digitalization to distributed energy strategies and renewable energy supply services. The solution is also available as a performance-based service where customers pay for the outcome with a fixed monthly fee to lower their inherent risk and avoid capital investments.

The latest climate report released by IPCC shows a rapidly closing window to avoid irreversible adverse climate change and reach net zero by 2050. Scientists are calling for an immediate decrease in greenhouse emissions after findings showed carbon levels continuing to increase. The United Nations’ Paris Agreement target to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is fast approaching, causing governments, businesses, and organizations around the world to rearchitect regulations and hold themselves accountable. The collaboration with 3Degrees will support global customers’ urgency to meet these environmental targets.

“The challenge is clear—building emissions currently account for nearly 40% of total global emissions,” said Scott Martin, vice president and head of global commercial business at 3Degrees. “It’s through partnership, innovation, and steadfast commitment that we drive meaningful decarbonization. This partnership offers customers end-to-end climate solutions to accelerate our collective progress to net zero emissions.”

To learn more, visit: Net Zero Buildings (

About Johnson Controls

At Johnson Controls (NYSE:JCI), we transform the environments where people live, work, learn, and play. As the global leader in smart, healthy, and sustainable buildings, our mission is to reimagine the performance of buildings to serve people, places, and the planet.

Building on a proud history of nearly 140 years of innovation, we deliver the blueprint of the future for industries such as healthcare, schools, data centers, airports, stadiums, manufacturing, and beyond through OpenBlue, our comprehensive digital offering.

Today, with a global team of 100,000 experts in more than 150 countries, Johnson Controls offers the world’s largest portfolio of building technology and software as well as service solutions from some of the most trusted names in the industry.

Visit for more information and follow @Johnson Controls on social platforms.

3Degrees’ new Smart Launch Solution™ helps gas utilities deliver on customer demand to address emissions


The product provides a cost-effective, low-risk solution to easily launch a voluntary program

3Degrees, a global climate solutions provider that helps utilities build, launch, and grow successful voluntary programs, is launching a new product offering, Smart Launch Solution™, designed to help gas utilities offer their customers choice to address emissions from their natural gas use. As the climate crisis intensifies, gas utilities across the United States are under growing pressure from customers, investors, legislators, and other stakeholders to accelerate their decarbonization efforts. Smart Launch Solution enables gas utilities to easily launch a voluntary program to meet customer demand now without distracting from the utility’s other efforts toward decarbonization.

Headquartered in San Francisco, 3Degrees has two decades of experience helping electric and gas utilities across the U.S. launch and run successful voluntary programs. The company works with six of the top 10 NREL utility green power programs, and has helped enroll over 570,000 residential participants in voluntary programs.

“3Degrees has been talking to gas utilities nationwide about the challenges they’re facing around decarbonization, including pressure from investors and customers,” said Amanda Mortlock, Vice President, Utility Partnerships. “We’re in a race against the clock with climate change, and gas utilities are certainly feeling the pressure to offer solutions today. Smart Launch Solution was born out of these conversations and was designed specifically to offer any gas utility a low-cost, low-risk solution to easily launch their own voluntary program, which allows any customer the ability to take climate action now.”

Smart Launch Solution includes a blended supply of carbon credits and renewable natural gas (RNG) certificates, along with the marketing tools and program management support necessary to get a program approved, launched, and stood-up as efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible. It includes four primary features:

  • Program regulatory filing toolkit
  • Low-risk, long-term supply of carbon credits and RNG
  • Program marketing and communications toolkit
  • Dedicated program management support

To learn more about Smart Launch Solution, please visit the webpage.

ChargeNet Stations and 3Degrees Collaborate to Launch EV Charging at CA Fast Food Restaurants

EV charging

Today, ChargeNet Stations opened the first DC fast charging station in a rapidly expanding network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers at quick-serve restaurants across California. The DC fast charging network developer is celebrating its first operational station at a South San Francisco Taco Bell® location. ChargeNet Stations has a partnership with Diversified Restaurant Group, one of the largest Taco Bell franchisees, to install DC fast chargers at 100 locations throughout the state, with many additional stations planned. The agreement includes the installation of primarily 75kW and 100kW chargers, with plans to roll out 150kW stations as well.

3Degrees, a firm that helps organizations around the world achieve renewable energy and decarbonization goals, worked with ChargeNet Stations to develop an innovative financing approach that guarantees the company a minimum amount of long-term revenue from California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), a program designed to reward the deployment of equipment and infrastructure that reduces transportation emissions in the state.

“Our goal at ChargeNet Stations is to make EVs available to everyone everywhere – to democratize EV charging by providing a fast, convenient, and affordable charge,” said Founder and CEO Tosh Dutt. “Great partners like 3Degrees help us expedite our mission. It’s good for the planet and it’s good for business.”

ChargeNet Stations is compatible with all EV connector types and offers a 100-mile charge in 20 minutes, or less, for about $20. For context, a 100-mile charge on a Level 2 charger would take about six hours.

Transportation is California’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, representing 41% of the state’s total1. The LCFS was launched in 2011 to reduce emissions from this hard-to-abate sector. The program allows companies using, producing, or furthering the use of low-carbon fuels to generate credits to be sold at market value to fossil fuel producers. The program also incentivizes the deployment of DC fast chargers by providing a guaranteed minimum number of LCFS credits for the first 5 years of the station’s life, reducing concerns around infrastructure utilization.

The program does not, however, guarantee the price of the credits generated from this infrastructure, and the LCFS market has been particularly volatile of late, dropping from ~$150 at the start of the year to lows of ~$60 in early October. Despite this state of flux in the market, 3Degrees and ChargeNet worked together to develop a structure that helped to unlock funding for the charging stations, and the companies plan to expand on this partnership as ChargeNet’s deployments grow.

“Meeting California’s EV adoption and transportation decarbonization goals requires mass deployment of EV charging infrastructure,” notes Dave Meyer, Director, Transportation Markets at 3Degrees. “One of the primary barriers to this deployment is uncertainty around utilization. The infrastructure provisions of the LCFS reduce this uncertainty, and our innovative financing arrangement eliminates market uncertainty. We congratulate the ChargeNet Stations team on this first station opening and look forward to working together on many more.”

About ChargeNet Stations:

ChargeNet Stations is an electric vehicle fast-charging station development and AI-driven software company. Our software platform creates a seamless opportunity for Quick Serve Restaurants to offer customers a superior EV charging experience in mere minutes. ChargeNet Stations’ hardware-agnostic SaaS platform, ChargeOpt, optimizes EV chargers and renewable energy to transform parking lots into profit centers.

Merge Electric Fleet Solutions Announces Partnership with Global Climate Solutions Provider 3Degrees to Support EV Fleet Transition

Merge Electric Vehicle
  • 3Degrees partners with Merge Electric Fleet Solutions to provide actionable electric vehicle analysis and decades of expertise to existing and new fleet customers. 
  •  3Degrees will monetize Merge’s charging in the Clean Fuels States (CA, OR, WA) and offset all EV charging with RECs.

3Degrees, a leading global climate solutions provider and certified B Corp, announces today its collaboration with Merge Electric Fleet Solutions (Merge),  a company and technology platform that provides commercial fleets with a clear, affordable, and data-driven path to fleet electrification.  The confluence of these top two service providers allows corporate customers to leverage 3Degrees’ decades of climate consulting experience alongside Merge’s leading EV and infrastructure analysis to help accelerate EV fleet transitions and make progress toward broader climate goals such as Net Zero or Science Based Targets.  Merge customers will now have the ability to tap into 3Degrees’ expertise in helping businesses access the most value possible through Clean Fuels Programs incentives available in CA, OR, WA, and a growing number of regions across North America as well as match all EV charging with RECs.

In addition to announcing the partnership, Merge and 3Degrees have completed their first joint electrification analysis pilot utilizing telematics, a first for 3Degrees, as previous electrification assessments have been carried out using fuel data.  Telematics provides high-fidelity granular driving data to build greater operational confidence while more precisely assessing emissions reductions in Total Cost of Ownership.  The analysis resulted in the following insights:

  1. Nearly 50% of their fleet could be easily electrified with little changes to their standard operating processes 
  2. Electrification would save 20-45% on all operational costs when compared to their traditional fleet vehicles
  3. Transitioning to an electric fleet could save 50+ metric tonnes per vehicle of CO2 over the lifetime of use even when charged from the grid.   

The new collaboration aims to provide better access to 3Degrees’ services for fleet owners and connect EV fleet initiatives to broader net zero plans. Merge customers can now seamlessly leverage 3Degrees’ large-scale environmental commodity solutions, including Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) transactions, long-term renewable energy procurement, carbon credit portfolio management, transportation commodity and climate advisory services.

3Degrees will be able to draw upon the various EV services that Merge provides today, namely the EVSnapShot™ and the EV360™ Analysis, which are pre-implementation EV services that assess the viability of an electric fleet and identify the key next steps to begin the transition, followed by ongoing infrastructure deployment, operations, and reporting services.  Additionally, 3Degrees’ customers will have the opportunity to trial popular electric vehicles, namely the Ford F150 Lightning, to further de-risk their electric transition with real-world experiences before committing to millions in upgrades. 

“Our customers rely on us to bring forward the most impactful and data-driven solutions to address climate change. Electrifying the transportation sector, which is currently the single largest source of emissions in the U.S., is possible but not without challenges,” said Steve McDougal, 3Degrees CEO. “We want our clients to be set up for success from the start. Merge’s granular, customer-specific fleet data paired with 3Degrees’ industry-leading climate consulting expertise allows our clients to reduce risk as they transition to an electric fleet.”

“Fleet electrification lies at the intersection of environmental, economic, and operational considerations,” said Glen Stancil, Merge CEO. “Fleets transitioning to electric face the new challenge of capturing cost savings, maximizing emissions value, and ensuring operational success. Merge’s vehicle and charging services coupled with 3Degrees’ climate and environmental commodity leadership can guide customers successfully from their first EV deployed to their ultimate target.”

To learn more about the first joint electrification analysis pilot between 3Degrees and Merge, read the case study.

About Merge Fleet Solutions:

Merge is a fleet electrification service and finance company. Our mission is to deliver the economic, environmental, and experiential benefits of fleet electrification in comprehensive solutions that are simple, affordable, and scalable. The Merge team brings decades of EV experience from designing, delivering, and operating integrated charging solutions for commercial and residential applications on L2 and DC platforms at thousands of sites all around the U.S. To learn more about Merge and its fleet electrification capabilities, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

3Degrees launches climate tech advisory services at COP27

New offering will streamline selection and adoption of climate software solutions to help organizations accelerate data-driven progress toward decarbonization goals

3Degrees, a firm that helps organizations around the world achieve renewable energy and decarbonization goals, today announced the launch of new climate tech advisory services, which complement the company’s existing suite of climate advisory and implementation services. The company made the announcement at COP27 during a panel discussion about data-driven technology and climate goals hosted by Sweep.

The climate tech space is booming, with new platforms emerging regularly, causing many organizations to struggle to navigate the landscape and clearly understand which solutions will best meet their needs. With the addition of climate tech advisory services, 3Degrees helps streamline companies’ adoption of technology platforms that address the inefficiencies of carbon data collection, the granularity of greenhouse gas accounting, and the risks of climate-related disclosures, allowing clients to focus on accelerating meaningful emissions reductions and meeting their climate goals.

3Degrees’ climate tech advisory services include:

  • Ecosystem of leading climate software solutions. 3Degrees is building an ecosystem of technology partners to provide clients with direct access to a broad range of leading climate management software solutions. This ecosystem is being crafted to meet the diverse needs of companies at every stage of their decarbonization journey, and 3Degrees aims to increase adoption of these climate software solutions by offering pass-through discounts.
  • Best-fit platform assessment. The climate tech marketplace is extremely crowded, and it can be complex and time consuming for companies to identify, engage, and evaluate the appropriate cohort of software solutions. 3Degrees starts by working with organizations to understand their goals, operating characteristics, and requirements, then agnostically assesses climate management software solutions, delivering a clear analysis of the climate tech platforms that would be ideal for the organization.
  • Professional services for onboarding. Once an organization selects a climate tech platform, the process of onboarding the solution can be arduous. 3Degrees will manage the set up, in alignment with an organization’s bespoke GHG accounting methodology, for select technology partners. This ensures smooth, accurate onboarding, and equips users to deploy the system to its full potential.

With the launch of 3Degrees’ climate tech advisory services, the company is uniquely positioned to support its global client base in an end-to-end decarbonization journey that merges tech-enabled climate management and data-driven insights with 3Degrees’ full suite of products and services that address all scopes of emissions.

“We strongly believe that climate tech – and, specifically, SaaS – is critical in accelerating corporate decarbonization efforts,” said Scott Martin, Vice President and Head of Global Commercial Business at 3Degrees. “With the launch of our climate tech advisory services, 3Degrees is able to support our clients from the early days of measuring and understanding their emissions data, to building a comprehensive emissions reduction plan, to implementing solutions to reduce their GHG footprint across scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. This is going to be game changing for many organizations as they progress through their decarbonization journey.”

3Degrees’ climate tech advisory services are available to organizations around the globe. Reach out to the advisory team to learn more.